How to Solve Emotional & Relationship Problems

Life Coaching & Family Counseling Algorithms

We researched how healthy people manage emotions and solve relationship issues, and we created algorithms to replicate their success and end self-sabotage. We help people evaluate and resolve unwanted conflicts, beliefs and identify issues.

Individual Coaching / Counseling Flowchart

Soul Work Life Coaching Flowchart


Following relationship assessment and goal-work, we help people manage emotional issues and solve relationship problems. This can include resolving conflicts, changing limiting beliefs, managing negative emotions and repairing damage from trauma, emotional incest, parental alienation and other forms of abuse.

Soulwork Systemic Solutions: Review by a Medical Doctor

Our work can be readily assimilated into marriage counseling, and many forms of psychotherapy and family therapy. Our flexible structure supports rapid change and lasting self-healing with tangible results.

Couple Coaching . Family Coaching

Coaching, Counseling & Therapy

There is a huge overlap between the conversations called coaching, counseling and therapy. The differences between them are mostly semantic, often based on arguments about “Who used this word first?

Generally, therapy aims at helping people solve past complaints while counseling provides guidance for current difficulties. Therapy is more for restoring function while life coaching is more for planning future success.

Is that clear? While they are all conversations about how to solve emotional problems and achieve relationship goals, therapy is more about past history; counseling is more about present challenges, while life coaching is more about future success.

This next flowchart summarizes our algorithm for family coaching and counseling:

Soul Work Life Coaching Flowchart

Are you ready to manage your emotions and resolve relationship situations?

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