Duplicating Expertise: Expert Modeling
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Technological breakthroughs are rarely matched by increased human competence.
Our Expert Modeling can help you align human innovation with technological innovation
to enhance competence and productivity.

What is Expert Modeling?

Expert Modeling combines systemic coaching, accelerated learning, value theory, behavioral psychology and management science to rapidly duplicate excellence.

Expert Modeling is used to decompose skills, create models and transfer competence, as part of management and organizational development packages.

A defining feature of expertise is unconscious competence. Expert Modeling trains people to quickly develop unconscious competence by duplicating the beliefs, values, attitudes, heuristics, mental processes and activities that characterize expertise.

Outer and inner modeling

Outer behavior (physiology and muscle movement) can be directly observed and copied. Modeling inner behavior requires intensive interviews and non-verbal calibration. Inner behavior includes identity, values, beliefs, strategies, sensory acuity and metaprograms, which can be synthesized into models of competence.

Expert Modeling identifies, decodes and duplicates process competence, while most educators identify, decode and duplicate content competence.

Elements of Expertise

Identity – perception of self, purpose, vision and sense of life
Values – abstractions of importance – things people seek or avoid
Beliefs – perceived rules of causality and appropriateness
Strategies – sequences of actions and sensory experiences
Sensory Acuity – ability to represent and discriminate sensory information
Attention – moment by moment focus of subjective attention
Metaprograms – patterns of thinking, behavior and attention
Physiology – posture, pulse, muscle tone, blood pressure, balance etc
Heuristics – strategies for solving new or unknown problems

Expert modeling was once collecting information about an area of expertise. It now concerns collecting information about how an expert interprets and uses information for a particular purpose. Expert modeling can determine not only what knowledge is required, but also how to apply this knowledge. It can be used to replicate expert behavior across a team or work group.

Generative and Integrative Modeling

Active elicitation of the elements of expertise may cease when all relevant strategies of an expert are known. Once elicited, an expert model may be used without modification; or an expert model may be streamlined (generative modeling) or a group of expert strategies may be combined (integrative modeling).


Expert Modeling can identify, elicit and transfer key aspects of competence. It can also help you recognize and select people who can both develop the desired competence quickly, and retain expertise longer.

Phase 1 of Expert Modeling decomposes expert performance into behavioral skills.

Phase 2 sequences, optimizes and refines these skills, so that they may be sequenced into testable models of competence.

Phase 3 transfers the models of competency to learners using the accelerated learning and behavioral modification strategies that are integrated into systemic coaching.

Expert Modeling increases both individual productivity and team performance. It also improves employee selection, assists equipment design and reduces training duration.

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Expert Modeling Programs

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