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Leadership reflects strategic planning, relationship management and training. Organizational productivity reflects your effectiveness at selecting, influencing and inspiring people. Can you accurately diagnose and rapidly manage planning and relationship challenges? Do you want to improve your management skills with coaching programs that can help you solve complex problems?

Strategic Planning … we coach managers to develop and use integrity and judgment. Do you want more initiative and foresight? This coaching system can improve your objectivity and intuition. Email us for coaching in reliability, stability and dedication as you plan the future of your organization.

Relationship Management … we coach executives and managers to deal with differences of opinion, low morale, lack of creativity, absenteeism, conflict management, mergers, hiring and firing, difficult employees, harassment and discrimination. If you lack the time, skill or desire to manage relationship issues, Systemic Solutions can provide these services.

Our systems approach offers a frame of reference which includes the development of both individual people and relationship systems by increasing their flexibility in adapting to their environment. Coaching motivated adults can include helping people assess, define:

  1. their own individual goals
  2. the goals or expectations of other people
  3. cooperative relationship problems (e.g. conflicts and bad habits)
  4. cooperative systemic goals (e.g. family, team and community goals)

We generally perceive our clients as representatives of their personal, social and professional relationship systems and we assess the consequences of their interactions with their human systems.

We offer effective systemic coaching, strategic planning, relationship management and expert modeling for resolving relationship and productivity issues. We specialize in entrepreneurial leadership, and we support business development, continuous improvement and sustainable innovation.

Change & Relationship Management

Control Workplace Stress   Excellent!

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Managing creativity and creative employees
Duplicating competence with Expert Modeling
Managing organizational conflicts
Hiring, firing and inspiring employees
Downsizing and productivity
Crisis and contingency planning
Corporate and organizational partnerships
Help people leave extremist organizations
Merging organizational cultures
Managing and integrating refugees
On-site coaching in challenging situations
In-house training for management development
Managing difficult employees
Protect against Psychological Operations (Psych-Ops)
Coaching and training in Central Europe
University, College and Systemic Education
Can coaching damage your staff?
Develop systemic coaching skills for corporate coaching

Case Histories

Systemic diagnosis in upper management
Managing families within an organization
Managing conflict in organizations
Redefine Human Resources in an organization

Systemic solutions can manage stability and change with a wide spectrum of management solutions. We assist executives, managers and supervisors to better utilize their resources within their operational constraints to achieve their goals.

Corporations, government and non-government organizations (NGOs), military, hospitals, universities, charities, utilities and banks can rapidly change and manage complex relationship problems:

  • Remedy communication and skill deficiencies
  • Resolve stress, internal conflicts and objections
  • Change limiting organizational culture and beliefs
  • Replace “bonds” to other organizations or cultures
  • Dissolve organizational, team and individual trauma
  • Prepare for crisis, mitigate emergencies and manage refugees

Integrating intellectual minds, emotional hearts and intuitive souls

Systemic Solutions were developed by Martyn Carruthers, who works with commercial, industrial, government, military, hospital, nuclear and emergency organizations.


Martyn developed a unique synthesis of expert modeling, systemic coaching, accelerated learning, hypnotherapy, systemic family therapy, NLP, accelerated healing and behavior modification. Do you want systemic solutions for strategic planning, relationship management and organizational success?

We can help you get results – helping you solve organizational problems that involve planning, communication, education or relationships. Whether your organization is a corporation or a government department, a NGO or a military team, a university or a charity – you can benefit. We coach executives, mentor managers and train employees in strategic planning, relationship management, accelerated learning, expert modeling and telephone coaching.

Do you want to solve complex problems – in strategic planning, relationship management, education using our online help? Here are Solution-Oriented Resources.

Systemic Solutions for Systemic Problems

Case History 1: Mentorship in Upper Management

Case History 2: Manage Families in Organizations

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Case History 4: Entrepreneurial Management in a Bank

Do you want to manage resistance to success and build better relationships?