We help you get ahead in your life through a holistic approach involving your past, present and future.

Resolve hidden self-sabotage coming from early relationship bonds, plan your goals, and learn new habits. We help you to resolve emotions which hold you back, and to find your own identity and integrity.

We train coaches interested in resolving both causes of problems and their consequences.

Our work includes family constellations based on Hawaiian traditional approach to family health; inner child work; solving inner conflicts and hidden emotional patterns; exploring your life timelines; working with inter-generational heritage and ancestral trauma; working with symbolic images and dreams; and creating new supportive self-image and habits.

We helped thousands of people become stronger and happier, and to find their purpose.

Your emotions reflect your relationships
Your relationships expose your maturity
Your maturity determines your life
And you can change it!

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What some of our clients are saying:

You focused on our values, goals and on what excites us. ... your work became an important step on our life journey. You didn't try to do things to us ... you helped us choose our options. We enjoyed working with you.
- Sydney -

My wife bought me your ISC counseling as a present.
I was cynical and cautious, but it's GREAT!
- Essex -

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We assist people in their recovery.

We help people manage difficult emotions and solve relationship problems.

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