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You can coach people to manage and resolve life, organizational and emergency challenges – anywhere. You can coach individuals, partners, teams, families and organizations to manage negative emotions and solve relationship problems.

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We teach Systemic Solutions internationally. We seek sponsors and organizers to bring our training to your region – for private coaching, in-house seminars, professional meetings or public education. If you have credibility and motivation, please email us.

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We ask you to link to us from your web site. We seek organizers.

Soulwork can revolutionize your work. It is ideal for helping professionals – not only for coaches, trainers, therapists and doctors, but for managers, executives and CEOs. Soulwork is for people who want to achieve more than their formal education can support … Warsaw

Systemic Solutions is an ongoing partnership that supports lasting success. It develops our leaders and helps them improve. Soulwork addresses whole people, with a balance and clarity of purpose that translates into exceptional teamwork and increased productivity … Jan Sikorski, CEO

Soulwork speaks to people in pain, people who feel a deep need for personal change, people who have lost sense or lost relationships. Success is sometimes a heavy word which may feel incompatible with emotions, relationships, love, family and friends … Ana Pejcinova, PhD, Therapist, Macedonia

Systemic Solutions helped us solve performance problems by managing relationships. When I saw that performance reflected our own attitudes and deficiencies, I could focus, not on individual employees, but on changing the relationships within which we work. David Willis, MSc, HR consultant

I never experienced better coaching in my life. It was life changing and I recommend Soulwork to everyone who is striving to improve quality of private and business life. Stjepan Werft, MA, Consultant

I recommend your systemic therapy to anyone considering therapy for themselves, a family member or to anyone who questions the effectiveness of their therapy. I urge helping professionals to investigate your clear, succinct and timely resolution of relationship problems … David Marsden, MA, Therapist

Classical coaching is useful for making simple decisions in controllable environments with clear objectives and complete information. Systemic coaching is useful for making complex decisions in difficult environments with ambiguous objectives and limited information. Martyn Carruthers, Founder

In his systems psychology, Martyn Carruthers uses models of how happy, healthy, well-functioning people behave, based on observations of real people, rather than on theories. You will explore your goals, your love (expressions of care and support), your values and your relationship skills.

Systemic Solutions can coach you to set appropriate goals, resolve blocks to your goals and take steps to achieve your chosen success. … Jan Sikorski


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