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Online coaching, counseling and training on
mature recovery from relationship problems.

Relationship Skills & Recovery Coaching

There are no limits to the happiness of good relationships …
… nor to the suffering of bad relationships.

Although most people communicate to improve their relationships, to resolve conflicts and discuss sensitive issues peacefully, deficiencies of mature relationship skills can make any relationship difficult. Our recovery coaching and Soulwork training is based on years of research and practice.

Relationship skills follow a hierarchy of maturity. If you stop developing – at any age – then your relationship skills may remain at that age. You probably know people who, in a crisis, behave like lost children. We help people recover and catch up.

Put ELATION into your RelationSHIPS

We help people recover from relationship problems – from friendship to dating to marriage; from making friends to creating teams – from groups to communities.

We encourage health and passion. Learn how to change from singles to Soul-mates – from groups to top teams – from lonely families to dynamic community members.

Our relationship recovery includes solving problems with families, partners, friends, teams, parents and communities. As arrogance can lead to damage, we help people check their relationship consequences before making decisions!

Emotional Maturity . Meaning of Life . Referrals

Good Intentions are Not Enough!

Good intentions are not enough, yet they can be a good start! We help motivated adults recover from relationship problems and prepare for future challenges. Our coaching and training includes developing mature relationship skills. An outline:

  1. Define relationship problems
  2. Resolve existing crises
  3. Clarify past and present relationships
  4. Resolve relationship trauma
  5. Dissolve inner conflicts
  6. Adjust relationship beliefs
  7. Find appropriate mentors
  8. Focus on life purpose or mission

A lack of integrity leads to suffering, loneliness and depression. Our relationship coaching helps people end suffering and take steps towards the long-term happiness of healthy relationships.

Mature communication skills contribute to success.

Friendship Skills

Many adults were not taught how to be friendly … and they can be very lonely, often surrounding themselves with other lonely people. Good friends are life blessings – but maintaining good friends is not luck. Friendship requires skill.

We can help you improve your friendship skills, which are pre-requisites for effective teamwork, happy partnership and parenthood. Some important friendship skills are:

  1. Offering to help
  2. Joining conversations
  3. Showing “I’m interested in you
  4. Giving and receiving suggestions
  5. Giving and receiving compliments
  6. Recovering from insults and betrayal

Partnership Skills

Our Couple Coaching can save you years of trial-and-error suffering. Relationship coaching simultaneously helps you and your partner to build or improve double vision. We coach couples to evaluate partnership, to manage relationship problems, to prepare for future challenges and to recover from inevitable conflicts.

Do you and your partner want to:

  1. build a joyous relationship
  2. change toxic relationship habits
  3. manage guilt and the consequences of affairs
  4. recover from abandonment, betrayal and trauma
  5. separate peacefully and with dignity, if appropriate
  6. clean up past partnerships and previous romances

Our couple coaching may include Premarital Coaching or Separation Coaching. Maintaining a happy partnership requires skill. We help couples:

  1. Define relationship problems
  2. Dissolve relationship conflicts
  3. Prepare for unknown challenges
  4. Compare values, goals and needs
  5. Clarify past and present relationships
  6. Make peace with problematic relatives

Family Skills for Happy Families

Families are intimate teams! Families feed and shelter the young and the old, and provide morals, beliefs and values that shape lives. Family coaching is integrated throughout our work. Each person represents at least one family system.

Our family coaching helps family members manage both internal and external challenges. Family coaching coaches family members to manage challenges in ways that can increase family harmony, creativity and resourcefulness.

Raising children to independent adulthood demands years of loving patience and strength. Many parents are not prepared for parenthood – our Parent Coaching offers information and experience to parents who want additional resources.

Team Skills for Team Spirit

Our team coaching can helps people work together to achieve goals that one person cannot achieve alone. We coach team members support and protect each other! We coach team leaders to identify and organize resources, and to get appropriate feedback and information.

We coach team members to work together effectively. Team coaching includes coaching the formation of new teams, maintaining and enhancing existing teams and training team leaders. We also assist team members to separate without stress.

Our team coaching includes:

  1. Define team objectives
  2. Select new team members
  3. Select and coach team leaders
  4. Define task content and priorities
  5. Define team leader’s role and tasks
  6. Dissolve hidden agendas and other objections

Contact us to develop and improve your social skills.

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