Systems Coaching & Training in Kona, Hawaii

Are you entangled in difficult relationships or painful emotions? Do you suffer from old trauma? Do you suffer from your parents’ drama or your partner’s demands? We can coach you to untangle your life … and you can help people to reclaim their freedom.

Learn Systems Coaching on Hawaii

Can you picture yourself on Hawaii, enjoying the warm seas, beautiful bays and ancient sacred places? The old places of South Kona – Honaunau – Kealakekua – the Hikiau heiau – and Ho’okena provide wonderful locations for your healing holiday. Further south you can enjoy the Hawaiian village of Miloli’i and windy South Point, leading to the old temples of Ka Lae. A bit further and you can explore Black Sand Beach and then Volcano Park.

Can you see yourself swimming with dolphins? Schools of friendly dolphins regularly visit the bays of South Kona.

Can you picture yourself learning family and partnership coaching in this lovely environment? Can you see yourself learning and sharing with people like you, perhaps practicing on a beach under coconut trees? Can you imagine exploring ancient sacred sites and hidden trails as you enjoy new friends?

Systems Coaching & Training

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We sometimes host Martyn Carruthers’ trainings which are inspired in part by native Hawaiian healing rituals. People who want to improve their health, wealth and happiness can find practical information, theory, demonstrations and exercises.

Pu’uhonua o Honaunau

The ancient healing temples of Honaunau attract many visitors. Pu’uhonua o Honaunau was built in prehistoric times as a sacred healing center. It is a place of sanctuary and forgiveness, no matter how terrible the sin. Pu’uhonua Honaunau can support you as you heal yourself.

Honaunau is about 26 miles (45 minutes by car) from Kona airport, and about a 3 hour drive from Hilo.

Dragonfly Ranch Healing Center

The Dragonfly Ranch was founded in 1980 and has provided healing and relief to people for 25 years. It is built on a cliff under giant monkey-pod trees. For more, see

Come and enjoy beautiful rooms, Hawaiian lomilomi massage, organic food and infrared sauna. Here you can relax and reclaim your health and vitality. Come to Kona and combine our unique systems coach training with your tropical holiday.

This unique Big Island spa offers healthy pleasures including communing with wild dolphins, snorkeling, an organic garden, lomilomi massage, flower essences and far infra-red sauna. Dragonfly hosts individuals, families, workshops and honeymoons.

Couple Coaching & Marriage Counseling

Is your partnership great and you want to make it better? Or is it in trouble and you wonder how to proceed? Or do you want to find a partner? Systemic couple counseling can help you.

Our couple coaching includes pre-marital counseling and help for people considering long-term partnership. We can help you solve partnership problems. We can help you both evaluate your goals and improve your roles, habits, rules and beliefs. Why not strive for happiness?

And we can help couples separate, if one or both partners decide that their relationship must change. Yet many couples survive partnership breakdown, if they get appropriate and effective telephone coaching.

We can help partners sort out relationship problems with their parents, parents-in-law, past-partners, children and step-children, and with other people who affect your partnership or limit your happiness. If you have suffered enough – perhaps it is time for a change. Why wait for a crisis? Take action now.

Soulwork America: Hawaii

The roots of Systemic Solutions are embedded in ancient healing traditions. Old Hawaiian rituals such as ho’oponopono, moe uhane and ho’omanamana find new life in our systemic magic.

Dragonfly Ranch Write-up

Training in Hawaiian Mysticism & Healing
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