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Those who can coach – do

Organizations are changing faster than at any time in history!” This could have been said by a Roman general, a medieval king or the founder of your company. Changing technology, changing markets and social trends all change how people communicate and how people behave – which changes the structure of organizations.

Those who can’t coach – do everything themselves!

Skilled people can share their knowledge. Unskilled people must ask for help and risk mistakes.

Managers are primarily responsible for fulfilling goals and allocating resources, and most managers invest as much in upgrading human resources as physical resources. Upgrading human resources is often called coaching, training and mentorship – essential management skills.

Systemic coaching offers superb skills for managing human change. These skills can become an essential component of any coaching, training or mentorship program, complementing the skills of existing agencies, or for creating a cost-effective training agency within new or smaller organizations.

Do you need In-House Training?

Externally hired training is usually generic, unconnected to an organization’s goals, challenges or culture, and often at inconvenient times and locations. In-House training can provide tailored on-site solutions for organizational challenges – and for the people attending it. Consider:

  1. Can people perform skills to the required standards?
  2. Do you need people to develop specific skills?
  3. Do these people work together? Can they work together?
  4. Do these people need training or upgrading? Are they trainable?
  5. Do you want to foster and improve a “corporate culture” during training?
  6. Do you want to be more involved in training content and results?
  7. Are the desired skills urgently needed or can they be delayed?
  8. Have the skills been analyzed and performance levels set?
  9. Are your people “prepared” to learn new competencies?
  10. Can you coach your people to coach each other?
We can – In-House Training
  1. We can assist managers to define skills needed for changes in operations, standards and staff
  2. We can help develop “skills pools” in anticipation of future organizational needs
  3. We can identify groups of people that may require new or upgraded skills
  4. We can analyze business plans to create complementary training plans
  5. We can coach managers to identify individuals needing coaching, training or mentorship
  6. We can provide individual coaching for individual issues
  7. We can model top performers and teach their performance strategies
  8. We can apply “accelerated learning” skills for better understanding and retention
  9. We can support and strengthen the corporate or organizational culture
  10. We can provide co-trainers and specialists trained in systems coaching
Our trainers can:
  1. Gain management commitment
  2. Define who the training is really for
  3. Tailor objectives for participants and organization
  4. Define required knowledge, skills and attitudes
  5. Ensure physical and emotional safety
  6. Defuse organizational and cultural differences
  7. Prepare training materials and environment
  8. Provide participants with preparatory materials
  9. Deliver training
  10. Evaluate feedback and improve every step
Get it right the first time!

You can arrange In House training for your organization all over the world. We incorporate relationship coaching for better teamwork, and expert modeling to duplicate expert behavior.

We coach people to coach each other. The result: dynamic trainings, carefully tailored to your organizational needs, and relationship skills that continue to improve after the training is over.

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