Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
HOPE in Swahili is TUMAINI

Tumaini Kibona

I organize community programs that provide prevention, care and support for orphans and vulnerable children in Tanzania. I am bilingual in English and Swahili. I ask you to help us … help children.

Tumaini means hope in Swahili

Hope for Orphans
Tumaini Kibona
PO Box 80344
Dar es Salaam,

Phone: +25 574 482 1289
or +25 574 854 8732

Hello, my name is Tumaini Kibona and I live in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, in East Africa. Many orphans and vulnerable children are at great risk in my country. They watched their parents die … and they are trying to cope. Tanzania is a poor country. We help orphans become emotionally healthy, independent and able to make adult decisions. Please help us … help them.

Will you help us help children?

  1. We select and train volunteer and professional workers

  2. We provide emotional support for children living with dying parents and young siblings

  3. We teach parenting skills to caregivers, NGOs, community workers and volunteers

  4. We teach people about HIV testing

  5. We counsel children who test HIV positive

  6. We teach life-skills to orphans

  7. We help children plan their own lives

  8. We motivate communities to take responsibility for orphans and vulnerable children

  9. We teach orphans to deal with discrimination

  10. We help children strengthen relationships with relatives, friends, neighbors and each other

  11. We seek your help … please help us help children

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In Tanzania, some two million people are infected with HIV and will die of AIDS. In Tanzania alone are about a million orphans. About half of all orphans are due to the early deaths of both parents from AIDS. Huge numbers of young children desperately need help. They need financial support in a country that is very poor by Western standards … and they need emotional support.

In all countries south of the Sahara desert, millions adults are HIV positive or have already died of AIDS. And when a person dies “before their time” – there are often unpleasant emotional consequences for the children of the family … and for their children. Help them end grief about death and move on into life.

The silence that surrounds children affected by HIV/AIDS and the inaction that results is morally reprehensible and unacceptable. If this situation is not addressed, and not addressed now with increased urgency, millions of children will continue to die, and tens of millions more will be further marginalised, stigmatised, malnourished, uneducated, and psychologically damaged” Carol Bellamy, Executive Director, UNICEF

Mission & Vision

Hope for Orphans provides community-based programs to care for and support orphans and vulnerable children. We help provide vulnerable children with skills and programs that can help them nurture themselves … and each other. We emphasize integrity, education and community.

Good Intentions are Not Enough

Part of our work is training relief workers to provide focused emotional support for the families in which parents have died from AIDS. Hugs are not enough. These children need help … help us help them. If you cannot come to Tanzania, please don’t ignore us … please help us with resources.

Consider a million orphans in a thousand villages … can you help us provide relief workers with computers? Would you send us your LAST notebook computer? We will ensure it has a wonderful new life … helping orphans and vulnerable children. Send it to: PO Box 80344, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

SoulWork Africa: Tanzania

Other support

Can you send us farming tools …. or help us buy seeds and tools? Many orphans have inherited small farms – but their parents died before teaching them how to be self-sufficient. Please help us help vulnerable children. Please don’t forget them … can you help us help them?

Hope for Orphans
PO Box 80344, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Vulnerable Children in Tanzania

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