Martyn Carruthers – Coach Training 2007

Native Hawaiians were once classified as a primitive race with an animistic and polytheistic religion (like American Indians). Unlike Christian philosophies in which a soul is an individual possession, many Hawaiians appear to have conceived of a soul as part of a community. For them, individual human souls included community and ancestral components. Martyn

Testimonial by Barbara Moore
(Soul Proprietor of Dragonfly Healing Ranch, Honaunau, Hawaii)

Twenty six years ago I studied under Kahuna Lanakila Brandt (in Captain Cook on Big Island, Hawaii). I liked him and enjoyed his teachings, but I was very put off by his claiming to work with people who were “possessed” by spirits of dead people.

This concept was foreign to me and I didn’t want to believe it could be true.

Now, after having experienced the work of ex-physicist, Martyn Carruthers, who trained under many of the finest kahuna (native keepers of Hawaiian mysteries) that he could find, I have come to honor those Hawaiian beliefs.

Upon returning to Big Island after a visit to Honolulu with Martyn Carruthers, I pause to reflect on these last two days.

Thanks to the owners of Hawaii Health Guide, Katie and Michael, we had a meeting in the beautiful art-filled home of lovely Lynn with about 20 gentle souls who wanted to understand what Martyn has been researching. Both Katie and I have described Martyn’s masterful way of helping individuals understand how the history of their family dynamics impede their present life – and resolve those impediments.

Some people volunteered to be demonstration subjects. I think my most dramatic and eye opening awareness came with a demonstration a German woman. She described to Martyn a psychic awareness of a past life of someone else. Martyn asked her a few questions:

Martyn asked, “Are you aware if your mother had an abortion before you were born?

She was surprised that Martyn seemed to know that her mother had aborted a child.

Martyn told the group that after a ‘guilty’ death, it is common for the next child to identify with a dead sibling (or ancestor) – something Martyn calls dead person identification – he said that this ‘dead person identification’ is especially common in children whose birth followed abortions or suicides.

Martyn asked, “Have you generally felt melancholy most of your life?” Again she was surprised that he would guess this about her.

Martyn proceeded to ask where she could feel that dead brother in relation to her. She pointed to her left shoulder.

How does it feel to carry a dead baby on your shoulder?” Martyn asked, with his humorous smile, seeming to know that she would laugh and say it was a heavy feeling that she didn’t like.

When Martyn asked if she could verbalize how the brother might feel about this, she proceeded to spew anger at herself from her angry brother. She let everyone know that she hated feeling guilty that she was allowed to live and he was not. She wanted to scream with rage about this feeling. (Martyn advised her to imagine the scream rather than make it.)

Then Martyn asked her where her mother stood in relation to her and her brother. “Over here” she said pointing to her right side, a little in front.

Did your mother behave in immature ways?” – “Yes”, she said, “most of the time”.

How might your mother feel about your aborted brother?” – “She feels guilty about aborting him.”

How do you feel about being between these two people?

Terrible!”, she answered. Martyn then asked her to speak aloud to these entities, in a friendly way, clarifying her relationship with them and to each another. Martyn did this by gently suggesting that the woman repeat loving words after him, such as, “You are my older brother and I am your younger sister.” Martyn calls this clarification, and says that such clarification is very useful in his relationship counseling.

Martyn asked her feel what it is like to be the ignored brother of a guilt-filled mother who wishes she had not killed her son; and for the sake of having compassion for them, to give them space to forgive themselves by making amends.

Martyn then asked her where she felt that her brother and mother belonged. The woman wanted her brother behind her and her mother behind her brother.

This thought alone seemed to make this woman look lighter and younger. She said that she felt partially relieved of a heavy burden that she felt all her life.

Martyn asked her a few more clarification questions.

How do you feel now?” Martyn asked.

Her voice and body spoke more than her words that said, “Much better! It feels like a huge burden can finally be lifted.

Martyn made other poignant demonstrations that evening as well … I remain impressed and want to learn how to do this myself

Written by Barbara Moore,
Soul Proprietor of Dragonfly Healing Ranch, Honaunau, Hawaii

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