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Lupus Erythematosus

Systemic lupus erythematosus, commonly called lupus, is an autoimmune disease. There are no accepted cures for lupus. If you have it, your immune system attacks your own body tissues. Your symptoms may include an intermittent rash on your face, headache, fatigue, arthritis, heart damage, shortness of breath and kidney malfunction.

Lupus may follow some infections, exposure to some drugs (according to eMedicine): e.g. hydralazine, procainamide, quinidine, isoniazid, diltiazem or minocycline, or exposre to ultraviolet light and / or following physical or emotional trauma. Lupus affects men about ten times less than women.

Lupus may be diagnosed if a person has a facial butterfly rash, sun sensitivity, kidney malfunction and blood abnormalities. Medical treatment may include medication and environmental control. A person diagnosed with lupus erythematosus may be advised to avoid sunlight, eat healthy food, exercise and control stress.

Lupus Vulgaris

Lupus vulgaris is different to lupus erythematosus. Lupus vulgaris is a disfiguring skin disease caused by tuberculosis bacteria, which cause lesions on the face, particularly on the nose and ears. Lupus vulgaris is often treated with ultraviolet light, antibiotics and other medications.

Lupus, Emotions & Soulwork

This information is intended to supplement but not replace the expertise and judgment of physicians or health professionals.

Systemic diagnosis of people with lupus erythematosus can explore the emotions associated with the symptoms, any emotional trauma associated with them and the systemic benefits of the symptoms (See relationship bonds – systemic coaching can help people recognize and manage toxic relationships).

Benefits of symptoms may be for the person and / or for other people in the person’s relationships, particularly people in the early family, any new family, close friends and colleagues. A Soulwork coach may also elicit the person’s relationship matrix, and explore whether the person wants to change his or her relationships to control negative emotions and problematic symptoms.

Two relationship patterns associated with lupus are Identity Loss and Emotional Incest. Either of these may reflect toxic entanglements with family members. Common examples of emotional incest include close relationships between fathers and daughters, and mothers and sons.

Emotional Incest . Relationship Bonds . Identity Loss

Soulwork systemic coaching can provide a series of relationship experiences that help people with lupus change toxic relationships, emotions, compulsions and disease symptoms; and take responsibility for building and maintaining their own happiness.

Lupus outbreaks often follow stress, physical pain or emotional suffering. Outbreaks of lupus may be delayed or lessened in severity if a person better controls external stress and his or her reactions to stress.

Control Stress . Control Pain . Emotional Intelligence

Systemic Solutions for Lupus

Following relationship diagnosis, you can create a workable plan that leads to your congruent goals – what you truly want – without your showing any objections. This usually requires that you find important life goals – your life purpose.

NOTE: Consult your physician regarding the applicability of any opinions or recommendations about any medical conditions.


I am a rehabilitation therapist in Prague, Czech Republic, where I work with Cranial-Sacral Therapy and now with Soulwork systemic coaching; mostly I work with handicapped people. My story is simple and like a fairytale. I love fairytales, and I often tell them to children in therapy.

In 1997 I became ill with an incurable disease of immunity dysfunction – lupus erythematosus. It is a disease where one’s cells attack one’s own cells, most frequently the cells of connecting tissue. I spent the first two years between the hospital bed and my bed at home. I had severe problems with movement my joints and sinews hurt, gradually breathing complications were adding on, as lung deterioration began. My diagnosis means that if you want to survive, you must begin to take corticoids, medicaments that repress infections, and cytistatics – medicaments for repressing cell growth.

Within a year I retired as a physically disabled person. I became a person with a handicap myself. Because I was actively involved with alternative medical approaches and I was fully using my knowledge, my state was shifting between good and very bad. The last straw was when my friend and I separated, when I got into great psychological and physical difficulties, and it became clear to me that I had to start to work on my relationships, not only to myself but to my surrounding as well.

In 2000 I attended a lecture about Hawaiian healing traditions; that was my first encounter with Martyn Carruthers. On that lecture Martyn mentioned Soulwork Coaching, its goals and methods, and a course in Soulwork Coaching in the Czech Republic. That information got me so strongly that I decided from the first moment to enter the course at any price, even though I was unable to, for both physical and financial reasons.

It happened – in February 2001 I became a participant on the first Soulwork course in Prague. There, new doors began to open for me, and I entered a wholly new, to me unexamined space of my own existence. I felt immediately that I had to have coaching with Martyn, so that I could test on myself what he taught and how it worked in practice.

My first coaching session was about my being in a position of a depressive victim, that I had difficulties with my inner self, unclear relationships with both my parents, and that I was partially identified with my dead, mentally disabled uncle. In my first session, a victim, who cannot do anything, became a human being who takes responsibility. During the coaching I felt a lot of anger and rage, helped me move from a depressive state to my goal, which, by the way, was “to be healthy means to be a harmonious person, psychically and physically.”

The next Soulwork sessions I attended were with a Soulwork coach from Poland who trained with Martyn: Monika Zubrzycka-Nowak. Monika worked with me intensely on clarifying family relations (parents, siblings, ex-partners) and on disidentification with my dead uncle. She also coached me effectively to connect with my inner child. I went to 3 sessions with her.

Strange things began to happen. For the first time in my life I started feeling simple joy from my very existence, unshareable by words. My physical state started improving – gradually my strength was increasing and the continuous pains were vanishing, and the laboratory tests results got better; I could allow myself to decrease the medicaments. About a year later I started discovering in myself the inner theme of integration of the whole personality and clarification of the relationships with my wider family; in these themes Ana Pejcinova – a Soulwork graduate from Macedonia – coached me.

In February 2002, exactly 2 years since I started learning Soulwork coaching, an extraordinary thing happened. I got a cold, which is high risk with my diagnosis; my overall condition quickly moved to a situation where I was at the edge of life and death. There, all my sessions took a real form, and I began feeling an unbelievable feeling, that is again an unshareably great gratitude for life itself. I began seeing my whole life clearly and wholly, and now I live it with a feeling of joy and gratitude. My medical condition is improving gradually, and things that were impossible for me before (e.g. dancing) begin to become normality. I could begin to actively work and create my life in accord to myself, that means that I am aware who I am and what is my goal here.

I thank Martyn, Monika and Ana for their support, and now I can thank my illness, which became my wise friend and counselor.

Marketa Bezuskova June 2002
Prague, Czech Republic

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