Hope for AIDS Orphans in Tanzania

Systemic Coaching & Training in Africa

We introduced systemic coaching to Africa with SABC TV (South Africa Broadcasting Corporation).
We provide assistance for volunteer workers who assist AIDS orphans in East Africa and for organizations who help young people have better relationships in Nigeria.

HIV and AIDS is devastating Africa. Enormous numbers of adults are living and dying with HIV/AIDS, with less access to health care than anywhere else in the world. There is little money and a large social stigma of being HIV positive or an AIDS orphan. Many children are without parents, money or skills.

Many of these orphaned children have died. More are dying. Please help us … help children.

Soulwork Nigeria

Systemic Support for Relief Workers
Martyn Carruthers

A happy partnership – intelligent children growing to independence – wise parents – supportive friends – a comfortable home – fulfilling work – a sense of being where you should be … what could be better?

If only it were so easy. In Tanzania, some two million people are infected with HIV and will die of AIDS. And in Tanzania alone, there are already a million AIDS orphans. About half of all orphans are due to the deaths of their parents from AIDS. These young children desperately need help. They need financial support in a country that is very poor by Western standards … and they need emotional support.

In many families, one or more adults are HIV positive or have already died of AIDS. And when a person dies “before their time” – there are often unpleasant emotional consequences for the children of the family … and for their children.

Some of these children will die from malnutrition … without food. Some will die from diseases such as diarrhea, pneumonia, malaria and measles … without treatment. Poverty and illiteracy are made worse by hunger. Abandoned and malnourished children start school later, if at all, and find learning more difficult. These orphans are more likely to die … or to live with emotional scars than your children.

Under stress, both children and adults may lose access to their sense of identity. Following a premature death, other family members, usually young children, may suffer identity loss, and either lose any sense of self or unconsciously identify with a dead person.

The risk of identification  with a dead person is much higher if the dead person is perceived to have died a shameful death (such as abortion or suicide) – and AIDS is seen as shameful. The symptoms of dead person identification are unpleasant.

Some Signs & Symptoms of Dead Person Identification

  • Chronic sadness and melancholy
  • May appear to have “psychic” sensitivity
  • Preoccupied with death and dying
  • Fascination with cemeteries
  • May risk their lives (may welcome death)
  • May be sterile or avoid becoming parents
  • May fear that own children will die young
  • May have miscarriages and dead babies

Identity Loss . Dead Person Identification . Parent Coaching

Another challenge in families with AIDS is survivor guilt. If a family member dies in a way that is perceived as unjust, surviving members may feel guilty that they are alive when a good person died. People who feel guilty can find ways to punish themselves.

We offer brief yet lasting solutions for relationship and emotional problems following premature adult deaths in families. These methods were developed during extensive post-abortion and post-suicide systemic coaching in Europe.

Coaches, counselors and workers who understand dead person identification can better recognize and help people with this condition. Empathy and consideration can flow with systemic solutions.

Our Soulwork training combines theory, demonstration and exercises to provide a complete system of individual, couple and family coaching. Live demonstrations will help you recognize, evaluate and change your emotions about people who have died – as a foundation for you helping families.

Although this workshop is to help relief workers recognize and dissolve the consequences of premature deaths in families affected by AIDS, the same principles can be used to alleviate the emotional consequences of other deaths in families.

This training includes many demonstrations and exercises to help participants test and apply Soulwork skills. Every point is discussed and demonstrated and is followed by exercises. After each exercise, any interesting or challenging issues are discussed. Participants can learn very quickly this way.

As a knowledge about HIV and AIDS helps people work with people who are HIV-positive; this course includes training for people working, or wishing to work, with AIDS orphans and vulnerable children.

Systemic Coaching Objectives

At the end of the systemic coaching portion of this training, you will know how to:

  • Recognize signs of identity loss and Identification
  • Discover with whom a person is identified
  • Help people reclaim their own lost identity
  • Resolve Identification with Dead Persons
Systemic Coach Training in Africa

We provide many trainings for relief workers for our expenses only.
Email us for more information about our participation in projects in Africa and elsewhere.

Systemic Coach Training
Our innovative and improved coaching methodology helps people dissolve and control problems about relationships, health, and success. We provide effective telephone coaching and training. We can train you to coach individuals, partners and teams to resolve emotional and relationship problems. Our systemic coach training is usually in 5-day segments
or sometimes two weekends

We donate our coaching expertise to help orphans and teenagers in Africa.
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You can coach people to gain clarity and to dissolve success blocks and relationship issues.

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