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Do you want to manage your emotions and solve relationship problems?
There are no limits to the happiness of healthy relationships …
… nor to the suffering of unhealthy relationships!

You may like, respect or love someone very much, yet feel unable to show it . You may want to work cooperatively, yet you may feel rejected. You may want a partner, but no-one seems to return your approaches. You may feel lonely in a crowd.

Relationships were always a mystery to me. I thought they were mostly luck.
You helped me change my relationships with my parents and my partner,
and now we can solve sensitive emotional problems peacefully.

So many people take a do-it-yourself approach to their life and use whatever free advice they can find. And helping professionals often seem to assume that discussing the past or defining their problems will magically help people mature.

How do people learn mature relationship skills? Many seem to think that maturity is like graduating from high school, university or military service, or that they will learn what they need from television shows or popular music.

Developing Mature Relationship Skills

Relationship skills follow a hierarchy related to maturity. If you stop maturing – at any age – then your relationship skills remain at that age. You may relate like a child – perhaps seeking adults to look after you. We offer solutions:

  • Individual Coaching – manage emotions and achieve personal goals
  • Friendship Coaching – build, maintain and improve friendships
  • Couple Coaching – resolve partnership conflicts and build harmony
  • Team Coaching – cooperate together towards team goals
  • Family Coaching – support each other in long-term cooperation
  • Parenthood Coaching – raise children to become mature adults
Put ELATION into your RelationSHIPS

We help people find relationship solutions – from friendship to dating to marriage; from making friends to teamwork to creating community. We can help you develop your relationship intelligence and change your relationship habits.

Learn how to change from singles to Soulmates – from groups to top teams – and from conflicted families to community members. We help people understand relationship dynamics, resolve conflicts and increase cooperation.

Good Intentions are not enough!

Good intentions are a good start to ending suffering, loneliness and depression. We can train you to resolve emotional and relationship problems:

  1. Find motivation to change
  2. Resolve prior counseling damage
  3. Find congruence by resolving inner conflicts
  4. Find inspiration to build healthier relationships
  5. Find peace by clarifying current and past relationships
  6. Improve your life as you change relationship bonds
  7. Find lost resources as you resolve trauma and abuse
  8. Find appropriate mentors as you repair mentor damage
Learn Friendship Skills

“Friends” can range from casual acquaintances to close companions. Good friends require effort – not luck. Friendship requires appropriate attitudes and skills.

We can help you develop and improve your friendship skills and solve problems with friends. This is a pre-requisite for effective teamwork, happy partnership and mature parenthood. Many people were never taught how to be friendly.

Learn Partnership Skills (Systems 8: Couple Coaching )

Our couple coaching can save you years of trial-and-terror. Good partnership coaching helps you and your partner to build or improve double vision. We coach couples to evaluate partnership, to manage relationship problems, and to prepare for future challenges, while avoiding codependence.

  1. compare and share values
  2. rebuild a joyous relationship
  3. change toxic relationship habits
  4. stop repeating your parents’ habits
  5. manage the consequences of affairs
  6. clean up past partnerships and romances

You helped us examine the consequences of our beliefs and assumptions.
You helped us tell each other our points of view and our feelings. Then we
could find solutions that were invisible before our sessions.

We help people resolve abandonment, betrayal and trauma. We offer premarital coaching to prepare for long-term commitment – and separation coaching to help some people peacefully disconnect and rebuild their lives apart.

Soulwork Family Skills for Happy Families (Systems 9)

Families are like intimate teams! We coach family members to define their needs and to examine family conflicts as shared problems – and to find shared solutions. Our Family Coaching helps all family members.

Raising children to adulthood demands years of loving patience. Many parents are not prepared for parenthood – our Parent Coaching can help parents. (See Learning Disabilities, Parental Alienation and Children of Divorce).

  1. Solve relationship problems
  2. Dissolve relationship conflicts
  3. Compare values and requirements
  4. Clarify past and present relationships
  5. Find their own solutions to future problems
  6. Benefit from individual coaching as required
Soulwork Team Skills for Team Spirit (Systems 10: Team Training)

Our team coaching can help people work together to achieve goals that they cannot achieve alone. We coach team members support and protect each other! We coach leaders to identify and organize relationship resources and to get feedback.

Team coaching includes the formation of new teams, maintaining teams, training team leaders and dissolving teams. This includes:

  1. Define team objectives
  2. Plan for an unknown future
  3. Select new team members
  4. Define task content and priorities
  5. Define team leader’s role and tasks
  6. Dissolve hidden agendas and other objections
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