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Do you want to change your unhealthy beliefs and transform your emotions?
Or do you just hope that other people will change?

Single sessions US $95 / session (about one hour)
Days US $495 / day (+ travel expenses)
Packages US $395 / 5 one hour sessions
Training Days Please ask

A common block to success and happiness is whether your success and happiness will offend or displease someone in your life – or who was once in your life.

Motivation is not about willpower.
Motivation is about how much you are willing to suffer
and how much you want what you want.

I worked with three of your Soulwork team … all were insightful, clever and above all honest. Few conversations have inspired me, touched me, moved me or motivated me as much as our short times together. London

Are you still influenced by your parents, teachers and childhood friends?
If you feel hopeless – are you following hopeless people?

It all came down to trust.
There are very few people that we would trust with our marriage.
You earned our trust and we never had cause to doubt it.
Without your counseling we would have divorced.
New York

 Do you want to develop, mature, learn and love?
Or do you wait until your relationship, income or health are at risk?

I never experienced better coaching in my life.
It was life changing and I recommend Martyn’s work to anyone who is striving to improve quality of private and business life.

Stephen Werft
, Management Consultan

Steps to Progress

1.  Do you seek coaching or therapy?  Check this table.
.  Is this really for you?   Answer these questions
3.  Select a coach and make appointments
4.  Pay  for  our  time  and  experience
5.  Contact us at the agreed times
6.  Review what you learned
7.  Follow  your plan!
8. Feedback

Do you want to end bad habits, resolve emotions,
change limiting beliefs or solve relationship problems?

You offer so much value that I thought your offer was not possible.
Yet my husband and I found that we gained even more than you said!
You made our sessions very relevant to our complex lives.


Step 1) Do you want to be happier & more successful?

I came to you with a real bucket of worms.
You helped me deal with them one at a time – even the long slimy twisted ones.

Often, the hardest parts of change are to discover where you are now, where you want to be, and how to get there from here. We can help you on every step.

Systemic Coaching Systemic Counseling Systemic Therapy
Our online help is about success: about setting goals, resolving conflicts and taking steps. Are you motivated to reach your goals? Our Relationship Counseling is about decisions based on clarity, responsibility and cooperation. Do you want better relationships? Our Therapy integrates life coaching and relationship counseling with deep emotional changework. Do you let emotions or habits damage your happiness?

Some people can only describe emotions as BAD or NOT BAD. You can understand and change a wide range of feelings that strongly influence your life.

You provided strategies that worked. I didn’t have to respect your theories,
adapt to your methods nor believe anything.
Sydney, Australia

Step 2) We cannot help everybody

Let’s connect our hearts and minds.
Know us through our articles or talks.
We can use Skype to meet each other and check if we can work together.

You walked with me into my nightmares, and in them you helped me find a marvelous treasure – my own self. Sussex

Your goals are important, your perspectives are valid and your history is real.
We help people manage anger, sadness, anxiety and guilt, change unwanted habits and resolve many relationship problems.

I got more than my money’s worth.
My return on investment was better than I expected.
Please sign me up for three more months.

If money is a problem, sometimes one of our students will help you free –
they want experience and your detailed feedback is their payment.

Step 3) We help motivated people. Are you motivated?
Are you mostly mature and responsible? YESMAYBENO
Are you friendly? Do you have good friends? YESMAYBENO
Are you reliable? Do you finish what you start? YESMAYBE NO
Are you honest? Do you generally avoid deception? YESMAYBE NO
Are you usually proactive  to solving life challenges? YESMAYBE NO
Have you suffered enough?  Do you want to change? YESMAYBE NO
Can  you  enjoy using new ways  and  new  behaviors? YESMAYBE NO
Are you willing to stop complaining, blaming and shaming? YESMAYBE NO
Are you financially prepared to invest in  your own future? YESMAYBE NO
Are you  ready to  explore and change any  self-sabotage? YESMAYBE NO
Do you intend to improve your health, wealth  and happiness? YESMAYBE NO

* For each YES – give yourself 3 points
* For each MAYBE – only 1 point
* Count your points …

Over 24: You seem motivated and mature. Working with you will be a pleasure.

Over 15: You seem ready to change. Our online sessions should be good for you.

Under 15 points: We may be unable to help you until you help yourself

Step 4) Choose who to walk with …

We work within our capabilities and specialties and we rarely limit ourselves to the theories, dogma or methodologies of particular schools. We share a passion for the practical integrity of our systemic psychology.

Each of us are part philosopher and part alchemist; part detective
and part shaman … and in all parts practical.

Martyn Carruthers: Founder Soulwork Systemic Coaching & Training
Identity, Emotions, Beliefs & Relationships
Soulwork Founder
Martyn Carruthers

Joy arises when we are true to our life purpose – true to the source of our love and passion – true to Soul. People who fulfill life purpose can share life goals, love and passion in healthy relationships.

Explore the influence of your relationships on your life to a deeper level than you are normally aware. A big part of your personality may be created to survive your early family. Once you find your true self, you are free to live a happy and creative life.

Emotional Maturity
Soulwork Trainer
Kosjenka Muk


Step 5) Your Investment: Fees, Prices & Payments

How many sessions do you need?

This depends on how many issues you want to resolve, your maturity, your relationships, your health, your benefits for staying stuck and how much you want to just chat.

Private, Online & Telephone Sessions

Most people ask for our online coaching, counseling or therapy.
Some people want more intensive work and come to us … or bring us to them.

Single sessions US $95 / session (about one hour)
Packages US $395 / 5 sessions
Days US $495 (up to 7 hours/day)
Training Negotiable
We will fully invest in helping you reach your goals.
You can donate sessions to family, friends or other people.
We want you to be as invested as we are, so please pay in advance.
If we phone you US $10 / hour (extra) in UK, Canada & USA.
If you come to us We offer multi-day intensive changework
If we come to you Our rate plus expenses – 10 sessions minimum
If we teach for you Let’s talk about what you hope for
Payments Pay by PayPal, Western Union or bank transfer
If you cancel a session within 24 hours: you pay 50% only.
If we miss a session without notifying you … you get a bonus free session.

We offer discounts to residents of Eastern Europe, India,
Africa and less-developed countries, when we have time.
Some of our students provide free online sessions in return for feedback.

 If you are not satisfied, tell us within 7 days and we will refund the cost of your last session *

Please copy, paste, complete and email to
Name: Partnership status: City / time zone:
Age: Mobile phone*: Problems started:
What are your important goals?
What stops you fulfilling your goals?
What emotions may block you?
What habits get in the way?
Which relationships slow you down?
Which articles did you like here?
What have you already tried?
What did not work well for you?
Additional information:
Do you have Skype & PayPal accounts?

We do not open email attachments – please copy and paste this into your email.
*If you tell us your cell phone, we can contact you in the event of internet or power failure

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Your sessions were a great way to save time and money.
I changed in the way I wanted at a fraction of the price I expected … your work was my best choice.

Specialty Packages

End Self-Sabotage

Stop sabotaging and damaging your life

Self-Esteem Package Improve how you perceive and value yourself
Verbal Self-Defense Communicate with and respond to difficult people

Life Orientation

Explore where you are and where you want to be

Ongoing Mentorship

Monthly sessions for your ongoing development

Prepare for Partnership Clean up your beliefs, habits and expectations –
stop copying unhappy or unhealthy people
Relationship Clarity Dissolve relationship transferences and projections.
See yourself and others as real people with real dreams.
Emotional Maturity Change immature emotional habits & behaviors
Financial Maturity Change how you perceive, value and use money
Return to Health For people recovering from serious illnesses
Blocks to Spiritual Progress Change your emotional, habitual, relationship or
ancestral blocks to spiritual development
The Dark Side Change the effects and consequences of suspected
curses, ghosts, black magic or witchcraft.


Step 6) Contact us at the Agreed Time

Do you want a few sessions to achieve simple goals, or longer support to manage complex situations? It’s your choice. Pay by PayPal or bank transfer and we will expect your calls at the agreed times.

I found your work to be very spiritual, although you never used words like that.
Thanks for sharing your authentic self and encouraging me to do the same.
New Zealand

If you plan to use a Wi-Fi device or mobile phone, ensure that you have a full battery and good wireless reception.

  1. Check your connection first
  2. Choose a quiet and private place
  3. Use a headset to avoid a stiff neck
  4. Don’t talk to us while you are driving!

If you want people to change, develop your own emotional maturity.
Your peaceful happiness and cheerful motivation will be hard to ignore!

You showed me that I was neither ignorant nor broken … you helped me
recognize and change my destructive relationship habits.
Sydney, Australia

Step 7) Follow your Plan

After you improve your relationships and sort out emotional problems, we can help you prepare for difficult conversations and complex transitions.

Thank you for being my coach and helping me figure out what is best for me
rather than trying to program me with some other agenda.

Step 8) Maintain your Progress

Make happiness your goal.
Don’t wait for other people to make you happy!
Changing your attitude will affect people around you.

Practice your relationship and communication skills whenever you can.
Then, when you really need them, you’ll be ready.

Step 9) Send us Feedback

When we have completed this part of our relationship, . let’s honor and celebrate your journey, your successes and your lessons.

We suggest a final session in which we review what you have learned, what habits and beliefs that you have changed and your new priorities.

Your feedback is our continuing education

After we finish, our door remains open for you.
We will appreciate your referring people to us.
Please recommend us to your friends and family

Please give us permission to post your comments on our web site.

I thought you were just another therapist – but you were not just.
Not even. Not only. I’m very glad that we met.

We sincerely hope that you find this useful.

If you know people who would benefit from our work, please recommend us to them.

Step 10: Enjoy a healthy and fulfilling life!

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Your email address is safe with us.
We despise spammers as much as you do!