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Experience Huna Kalani on Big Island, Hawaii

E komo mai! Welcome! Do you want to learn Hawaiian huna traditions? Do you want to study huna on secluded beaches and in jungles; in volcano craters and on lava flows? Do you want to learn huna in rain forests and on glorious white sand, black sand and even green sand beaches? Or do you want huna training in your home town?

Do you want to learn Hawaiian healing? Do you want to learn the old magic of Hawaii? Come with us to sacred places and meet the descendents of those versatile mystics – the healing kahuna. Experience lomilomi massage and hula dancing, learn Hawaiian chants and drink kava-kava. Journey with us into volcano craters and perhaps meet Pele – the Hawaiian volcano goddess.

Aumakua . Mo’okini . Waipio . Pu’ukohala . Awaiku

We teach small groups of friendly people. Come with us to sacred sites of Kona, Kohala and Ka’u on Hawaii Big Island. You can swim with dolphins in the morning and relax, meditate or learn Hawaiian in the evenings. And you can enjoy the wonderful restaurants and unique shops in Kailua-Kona, Waimea, Hawi and Hilo.

Feedback & Comments

“Hawaii changed my life. I connected with a source of genuine spirituality on Big Island.”

“Meeting Auntie Margaret Machado changed my awareness.
I learned how to love by being with this lady kahuna.

“I was looking for a life partner for many years. After talking to Goddess Pele in a volcano crater – I met a man I deeply love a month later. Now – after one year – we are married, expecting a child, very happy and we are coming back to Hawaii with you.”

“I desperately wanted to visit Hawaii although I didn’t know why it was so important.
When I came here, I recovered my lost peace”

“Big Island is beautiful, but for me more important are the spiritual places, which I can still feel. Huna Kalani continues to transform my life.”


Come to Hawaii to learn Hawaiian mysticism. Come to Kealakekua Bay and sit with us under the trees near the ancient Hikiau heiau – the old temple where Captain Cook was deified. Sea turtles and wild dolphins swim in this protected underwater park, and whales are frequent winter visitors. If you cannot join us for a Hawaiian holiday – maybe you can ask us for online huna coaching?

Huna Kalani includes old Hawaiian traditions – and some that might be called magic. If magic is a name for a technology you don’t understand – then Huna Kalani can help you understand and use magic. Huna Kalani can also help you appreciate ancient Hawaiian traditions, and the Hawaiian keepers of those traditions. You can learn Huna Kalani in Hawaii and elsewhere with kumu Martyn Kahekili Carruthers.

Huna means “hidden” and Kalani means “of heaven” or “of the chiefs“. Kala means to untangle, to enlighten and to forgive. Huna Kalani can teach you how your aloha (love), pono (righteous behavior) and mana (power) support your health and untangle relationships. You can learn these themes in a series of experiences that explore the relevance and application of Hawaiian traditions in your life.

Soulwork systemic coaching is rooted in the pono, aloha, ohana and mana of old Hawaii!

Join us to explore, use and refine these wonderful Hawaiian traditions for our troubled modern world.

Soulwork FAQ

Pu’uhonua – ancient temple complex at Honaunau – a Place of Refuge in Hawaii.

Huna & Hawaii

Help us present the depth and beauty of Polynesian culture
to the world!

Scholarships are available for native Hawaiians who want to learn Huna Kalani

Hawaiian Spirituality

Huna Kalani offers you experiences of pono (right living), aloha (love), ohana (community) and mana (power). Explore with us the beauty and effectiveness of Hawaiian huna, including awaiku, Kumulipo, dreamtime and healing traditions.

I have been blessed with the instruction and guidance of many Hawaiian kupuna (elders).

Aunty Margaret Machado taught la’au lapa’au and lomilomi, and is pictured here with Martyn. Aunty Margaret inspired
Huna, Healing & Ohana

Papa Henry was one of Hawaii’s most respected kahuna healers.

La’au Lapa’au Hawaiian healing

Uncle George Naope was a respected hula kumu & a teacher of ancient chants.

Modeling Huna

Uncle John Kaimikaua was a treasury of chants, hula & traditions.

“Talking Story” with John Kaimikaua

Aunty Mona Kahele was an expert in Kona traditions, la’au lapa’au & ho’oponopono



Aunty Maile teaches lomilomi massage and la’au lapa’au in Kohala and Waimea

Maile can arrange your Hawaiian wedding

Daddy Bray was a Hawaiian kahuna who wrote a book.



<fontsize=”5″>Huna Kalani – Training & Holidays</fontsize=”5″>

Each Huna Kalani explores different topics and can be attended without prerequisites. We teach Hawaiian mysticism internationally; see Kahuna Training in Old Hawaii.

Huna Kalani 1

Learn about Captain Cook and his discovery of Hawaii (Kealakekua traditions refer to a wrecked Spanish galleon over 100 years before Cook arrived). We discuss the popular huna created by Max Freedom Long and compare it to traditional healing models still used by native Hawaiian healers.

Explore ho’oponopono – a basis of the Hawaiian aloha culture. Find your connection to Pele, the Hawaiian volcano goddess. Learn how to build inner harmony and improve your relationship with yourself. Learn a Hawaiian prosperity chant and how to communicate with your family spirit (aumakua).

Explore the meaning of some important Hawaiian symbols. (Some are found in the petroglyph fields in the traditional home of Pele – Hawaii Volcano Park in Puna.) Open your Pandora’s Box of emotions and relationships to discover how the health of your body, your mind and your relationships are connected. Witness and experience demonstrations of la’au kahea – healing magic.

Huna Kalani 2: Elements of Huna – Honua, Ha, Ahi & Wai

Magic is a word for technologies that we cannot explain. Explore your magical connections to seen and the unseen worlds. Learn ho’omanamana, (empowerment) and how to increase your luck (fortunate coincidences) around you. Explore your connections to the elements (kumu): Earth (honua), Air (ha), Fire (ahi), Water (wai) – and how to access and use magical elemental energies in everyday life.

Use elementary Huna to help you in many life challenges. Build connections to your ancestors – your male and female lineages. Learn a Hawaiian chant for clarifying and cleaning relationships. Explore the hidden depths of Hawaiian Kumulipo – a matrix or “family map” of Hawaiian god-energies. Explore the process of creation – and uncreation. Accept your power.

Huna Kalani 3 – Hawaiian Dreamtime (Ho’omoe, Mo’e Uhane & Hakalau)

Explore moe uhane (Hawaiian Dreamtime) and discover who is the Dreamer … and who is the Dreamed. Open your mind to hakalau – to kahuna consciousness – find the balance between dreams and reality, which is neither dream nor reality. In Hakalau you can learn how to dream dreams that change reality!

Our workshops include huna dreamtime, and hakalau exercises that will challenge and change how you experience the world. Experience ho’omoe  (dreaming together) – we can dream with you to change your reality. Click here for more on Dreamtime.

Huna Kalani 4 – Advanced Huna (Awaiku, Kumulipo, & I’o)

Explore your connections to I’o (primeval source), to your family, to your ancestors, to the natural world and to the multi-dimensional reality that we live in. Learn ways to change unwanted family habits. Explore your connections to unseen worlds, and to the conflicting harmony of Papa and Wakea. Open yourself to the mysterious Hawaiian angels or awaiku. Huna Kalani 4 is difficult to describe to people who have not attended other Huna Kalani workshops … let’s call it Advanced Hawaiian Magic.

Huna Kalani 5 – From Darkness to Light

Hawaiian shamanism was balanced (na) between the needs of the people and their environment; between the male side of creation and the female; and between what might be called good intentions and what might be called bad intentions or evil. Remedies (ho’opiopio) for black magic and sorcery are the basis of this training.

Huna Holiday – Hawaii Training Vacation

Stay in South Kona (Big Island) and learn Huna Kalani near Kealakekua Bay, under the trees near the ancient Hikiau heiau – the old temple where Captain Cook was deified.

Sea turtles and wild dolphins swim in this protected underwater park, and whales are winter visitors. Will you join us here?


Kealakekua means path of the gods. Learn in the ruins of temples and old villages, in the shadow of high cliffs with burial caves of Hawaiian kings. Kealakekua Bay is also a protected underwater park – swim, body surf, kayak or snorkel before and after learning Huna Kalani! Explore hidden beaches and tropical gardens, and refuel with fresh local tropical fruit … and fresh Kona coffee!

Visit sacred sites, ancient temples, petroglyph fields and other important places, in Volcano Park, Honaunau, Ka’u and Kohala. Learn practical ho’oponopono and ho’omanamana and discover old Hawaii … we can take you far from the tourist track to help you experience a more real Hawaii.

Huna Kalani 5 and 6 are experiential, and each is unique. Explore your connections to the elements and journeys between worlds with advanced huna. Awaiku, ghosts and nature spirits can give you your own stories of encounters with Hawaiian entities … take home your own tales of mystery.

Do you prefer luxury hotels or an in-tents experience? Many people stay at inexpensive hotels in South Kona and share rental cars. Enjoy tropical fruits, fresh fish and Hawaiian cooking. We can help you minimize your expenses and maximize your experiences.

Online Huna Counseling

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Do you prefer private training for yourself or for your family or for a group?
Travel light – bring your beautiful smile. Learn some basic Hawaiian language.

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