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Do you want to change your life? Do you want to end old influences, increase your happiness and control emotional pain? Our Hawaiian huna coaching can help you get rid of old blocks as you increase your energy, motivation and sense of life.
Aloha! Pa`a ka waha!

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Why Shamanism? Why Hawaiian?

Martyn Carruthers: Hawaii Honaunau

Shaman is a Siberian word, although shamanic traditions can be found in every culture. We use this old wisdom to help people explore and change their worlds.

Our Hawaiian shamanism is useful for dissolving emotional and relationship issues, especially if you are concerned about soul-loss, possession or energy vampires – even if you don’t believe in them.

My background is radiation protection and nuclear power. The scientific approach governed my life. Verification and traceability ruled my thoughts. But my education missed many important aspects of life.

Hawaiian mysticism included much that I wanted about managing emotions, creating healthy relationships and making sense of life.

Hawaiian shamanism provided better answers to some of life’s important questions than I found elsewhere …

Martyn at Pu’uhonua o’ Honaunau (Hawaii)


I particularly like that Hawaiian spirituality offered accessible world views from which we can benefit without having to believe anything. It offers useful tips which we can use in our daily lives. (See Hawaiian Spirituality and Awaiku (Hawaiian Angels) for insights into old Hawaiian mysticism).

I particularly dislike that many so-called huna teachers only talk about the bright side of huna – and ignore the dangers within the shadows. Imagine driving a car with absolutely no knowledge about the risk of accidents, what causes them, how to avoid them and what to do if one happens!

Why not just take drugs (like ordinary people)?

Many people use drugs to try to manage emotions or to tolerate difficult relationships. Self-medication with alcohol or nicotine, with anti-depressants and stimulants, or worse, may seem easier than applying intelligence and skills to complex situations.

Ancient Hawaiian healers recognized illness caused by external relationships (mawaho) and diseases caused by internal imbalances (maloko). Mawaho illnesses required ho’oponopono and ho’omoe with the living and the dead, while maloko disease required herbal remedies (la’au lapa’au) and / or surgery.

The long-term consequences of avoiding relationship problems and the unpleasant
side-effects of drugs are unacceptable to many people. Which do you choose?

E ‘imi i ke ola mawaho. Find your life outside.
E hea i kaua e komo maloko. We call you to come inside.

I was addicted to anti-depressants and a friend suggested that I contact you.
Your Hawaiian ideas seemed strange – but what the hell. Soon my doctor kept
reducing my prescription. Now I am drug free and feeling great.

Mana‘o wehewehe. Expertise avoids delays.

An essential part of Hawaiian healing concerns unseen agencies. This is where experience is essential and lack of experience can lead to unpleasant consequences. In a Hawaiian village, a shaman’s competence would be common knowledge. But on the internet … who knows? See Dreaming Together and ho’oponopono.

Hawaiian magic does not mean that you gain at somebody else’s expense. It does not require charity or co-dependence. Hawaiian magic means changing underlying patterns that disturb life. Hawaiian magic means an increased awareness of non-ordinary realities and unseen influences that upset people’s lives. Hawaiian magic includes ways of changing these influences.

My partner and I were about to divorce. You helped us find the roots of our problems – in our ancestors’ lives! You helped us bury our long-dead relatives … now we are both free to be happy together instead of reliving old family drama. New York

The old Hawaiians who prayed for health most often addressed their prayers to Kane and Lono. Hawaiian healing arts were always accompanied by religious ceremonies.

I attended your huna workshop in Warsaw. You asked if anybody had a chronic medical problem – and I told you of my years of stomach pains. We did something you called ho’omoe and you said something in Hawaiian … the pain went away and never come back. My doctor said it was just coincidence. Poland


Are our methods more true if they work? Does effectiveness measure truth?

Shamanic Training

We prefer to use demonstration subjects who are not participants of our trainings. You are welcome to be a (free) demonstration subject on our courses.

In our Hawaiian training, we avoid dogma and minimize theory. We demonstrate everything to provide deep, enjoyable experiences. We show people how to develop and improve their emotional intelligence and relationship skills, at their own pace. And we honor our teachers.

Serge Kahili King (center)
Nenad Maljkovic (left)
Martyn Carruthers (right)

(Serge Kahili King is an author of books on Hawaiian shamanism. His book Urban Shaman triggered my original interest in Hawaiian mysticism and shamanism.)


Hawaiian healing offers results that science may not explain. Some magic yet remains. Spiritual connections are part of what makes us human, and are part of our work. Love (aloha), justice (pono) and harmony (na) are the basis of Hawaiian shamanism. Our coaching and training builds upon your qualities and skills to deepen your emotional intelligence and relationship happiness.

Shamanism is more than what you believe. Shamanism reflects who you are. More than any technique, shamanism reflects your maturity. It gives you space to develop – as you help other people develop.

Shamanic Challenges & Spiritual Illnesses

Soul Loss (uhane lilo) may occur during a traumatic event or an abusive experience. Did you lose or hide a piece of your life force or your sense of life, so that you could survive some trauma? We can help you recover lost or hidden parts of yourself – this is often called Soul Retrieval.

Possession (noho maluna – akua noho) Are you always yourself – or does something make you do things that you don’t want? We can help you ho’onohonoho or get rid of them. We can help you communicate with possessing spirits  and make them leave.

Energy vampires (mana ‘aihue) are people who drain your energy. You probably know some. Do you have a manipulative parent or a demanding ex-partner? Or are you haunted by spirits of the dead who feed on your energy or on your happiness? We can help you improve your psychic immune system!

Curses and dark magic (ana’ana, ho’okomkomo, ho’onohonoho or ho’opi’opi’o) Have you been cursed? Have you been the object of black magic? We can help you untangle unpleasant energies, beliefs (‘ele’ele eke) and curses. (See ritual abuse)

Necromancy (kilokilo uhane) divination, and curses that use dead people to create wind bodies (kino makani). If you work with these or other high energies, you probably want protection … and awaiku tend to be very protective.

The Unihipili was a deity that was … induced by incantation to take up its residence in an image, a dead body, or bundle of bones, and that was endowed with mana, as a result of ho’omanamana, prayers and sacrifices, that were offered to it.
David Malo, Hawaiian Antiquities, 1840


We use Hawaiian shamanism to create lasting solutions for soul-loss, possession, energy vampires, dark magic and more. We can coach you to deal with these and similar issues quickly, usually in dreamtime (moe uhane) or in kahuna consciousness (hakalau). If you want help – contact us.

Shamanic Coaching for Partnership & Families

We help people, families and teams resolve conflicts, define partnership, family goals or team goals and manage emotional problems. We can help you change:

  • confusing body language (e.g. saying “Yes” while shaking your head “No)
  • transference loops (e.g. you respond as if another person were someone else)
  • meaningless, confusing, unpleasant, conflicting or vague communication habits
  • miscommunications (e.g. arguments about responsibility, definitions or meanings)

Forgiveness & Blessings: The Spirit of Aloha

Forgiveness is a nice word – but do you know how to forgive people who hurt you? It’s not a religious word game, nor a way to pretend to forget unpleasant events. Forgiveness is a wonderful way to develop and mature.

Do you want to learn how to give, share and accept shamanic blessings? This goes far beyond forgiveness. Aloha mai e.

We teach in many countries – usually on secluded beaches, forests or parks. We can meet and work online – or in beautiful places.

We bring this wisdom to the world under the name of Huna Kalani.
We seek people who wish to bring back this ancient magic.

Training in Hawaiian Mysticism & Healing
Huna 1 Bringing Down the Sun: Ho’oponopono & Ho’omanamana
Huna 2 Elements of Nature: Honua, Ha, Ahi & Wai
Huna 3 Dreamtime: Ho’omoe, Moe Uhane & Expanded Consciousness
Huna 4 Advanced Huna: Awaiku, I’o and Kumulipo
Huna 5 Experience Huna on Hawaii, in Europe or Mexico


Ho`omoe wai kahi ke kao`o.
Let’s travel together like water flowing in one direction.

Do you want to change your life?
E pili mau na pomaika`i ia `oe. A hui hou!

Online Hawaiian Ho’oponopono, Ho’omoe & Huna

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