Turn Emotional Pain Into Passion And Inspiration

Once you allow pain to crush and strip away all inner rigidity, self-deceit and societal lies, all excuses and fears, you are left with who you truly are and what is truly important.

In Search of Acceptance

Did you ever feel fully seen and accepted – welcomed – just as you are, here and now? Perhaps you’d agree that it’s a feeling that rivals falling in love in some ways. Yet, not only few people in this world really have a chance to experience this, but few people even recognize it’s what they need […]

Are You Willing to Face Pain?

  Avoiding experience Did you ever keep quiet out of fear rather than standing up for yourself? Do you avoid trying something new in front of others out of fear to look foolish? Do you even avoid expressing love to your family because you fear emotional “weakness”? Avoiding potential emotional pain can make people shallow in […]

50 Ways To Keep Your New Year Resolutions

  This will be an elephant-sized post, but bear with me – I hope to give you plenty of useful ideas by the end of it. At the start of every year, millions if not billions of people make lists of things they want to change so that their lives would be better, and promise […]

Attachment Styles and Disorders & How To Heal Them

  Adult attachment theory includes patterns of emotional attraction (related article: “Patterns in Love Relationships“), as well as immature emotions or age regression (“Emotional Maturity“), joining them into a systematic overview of several most common approaches to love relationships. The basic idea is that the way parents treat a small child greatly influences the way the […]

Internal Issues And External Solutions

  Even when we are well aware that our strong emotions might be awakened memories from childhood, we might still find it very difficult to focus inwards to resolve those emotions. The urge to blame people around us and seek to change or control them can be overpowering. Why is it so difficult to recognize […]

Are You Critical Of Others?

  Criticism can have different causes, but one often overlooked is fear. Is it difficult for you to set boundaries? Do you have trouble saying “No”, or do you avoid conflicts? If you doubt your ability to defend yourself, you might expect people to know in advance where your boundaries are, and respect them without […]

Stray Thoughts About Spirituality

  From time to time, I meet people who proudly proclaim that they don’t want to be around anyone who is not “spiritual enough”. Recently that got me thinking: but what does it mean? For some people, it might mean following a certain religion, or any religion. For some, it might mean believing in angels, […]

How To Change Toxic Habits

  How many times did you make such a decision: starting tomorrow, I will quit smoking, biting my nails, overeating, drinking coffee… or: I will start exercising, watch less television, be more organized… Typically, such decisions appear easy to put into practice, starting tomorrow, of course, just a little effort and attention needed. Tomorrow comes and […]

Past and Prejudice

  Our brains live in the past Many people become grumpier and grumpier as they age. Perhaps you notice that you are more judgmental and critical than you used to be? Perhaps you feel that people were nicer and more polite when you were younger, that the sun shone brighter and grass was greener? Every […]

How to Stay Motivated To Work On Self-Improvement

Insufficient intensity and continuity of personal development work are common reasons why many people feel that their efforts do not produce results. At the first glance, this might look like a simple problem and that the solution is just some more will power (or the latest fad). The underlying issues, however, might be one or […]

How To Achieve a Lasting Change

  Lack of patience Some people just lack confidence that they can change. They feel that their problems are either too difficult or too deep, or they are disappointed with the approaches they already tried. Even more often, they are inclined to lose motivation if a dramatic change does not occur in a month or […]