Online-Coaching für Einzelpersonen und Paare

Integrative Systemic Coaching is a unique system of exploring and resolving emotions and beliefs that sabotage the quality of your life.

Integrative Systemic Coaching training enables you to help others with resolving their relationship and emotional patterns, releasing limiting beliefs and integrating lost qualities and lost identity.

Beginnen wir mit der Wiederentdeckung!

Wir bieten Einzel- und Paarcoaching in Einzelstunden, online und per Telefon an.


Kommt das bei Ihnen an?

Zu viel Verantwortung?

Übernehmen Sie zu viel Verantwortung? Sie mussten wahrscheinlich zu schnell erwachsen werden und die Rolle eines anderen in Ihrer Familie übernehmen.

Das Leben eines anderen Menschen leben?

Haben Sie Lust, das Leben eines anderen Menschen zu leben? Vielleicht haben Sie sich mit einem toten, abwesenden oder schikanierten Familienmitglied identifiziert.

Ihre Ziele sabotieren?

Sabotierst du deine Ziele und Wünsche? Vielleicht halten dich deine unbewussten Bindungen zu Familienmitgliedern aufrecht (Ist es OK, glücklicher zu sein als deine Eltern?).


Haben Sie Schwierigkeiten, Entscheidungen zu treffen? Vielleicht haben Sie den Konflikt Ihrer Eltern in Ihren eigenen Körper aufgenommen.

Kindliche Gefühle?

Wie viel Zeit verbringst du in erwachsenen Emotionen - und wie viel Zeit in kindlichen Gemütszuständen? Gehören alle deine Emotionen dir - oder erinnern dich einige von ihnen an jemand anderen?

Du verlierst deine Mitte?

Verlieren Sie sich im Kontakt mit Autoritäten und dominanten Menschen, die Sie wahrscheinlich an schwierige Menschen in Ihrer Vergangenheit erinnern.

Sich in die falschen Leute zu verlieben?

Verlieben Sie sich in die falschen Menschen, fühlen Sie sich seltsam an einen Menschen gebunden, der nicht der Richtige für Sie ist? Wahrscheinlich (s)ist er ein unbewusster Ersatz für einen anderen.

Unser Verfahren

Was wir machen

We help you deal with your family patterns – entanglements, role confusion and emotional heritage.

We check if you might be identified with somebody else’s emotions and personality, and help you recreate your own identity.

We help you resolve your traumas and limiting beliefs.

We help you learn new skills and plan and achieve your goals.


How we do it:

Our coaching is fast and focused – in course of only one session, you can find out the roots of your issue and make a big step in resolving it.

Our coaching is respectful: we don’t push you or use suggestive or manipulative methods. We help you find your own inner wisdom.

We focus on permanently resolving the causes of issues, instead of temporarily relieving consequences.

We help you find your own inner strength and resources, instead of deciding for you and trying to make you dependent.

Instead of treating your issues as your individual problems, we observe family dynamics and family “politics”.

An counter-intuitive approach: instead of helping you “get rid” of unpleasant emotions, we help you heal them and integrate them as new motivation and resources.


What can you expect:

We can help you to:

  • find a firm inner centre and sense of identity

  • stop sabotaging your self and achieve your goals

  • feel adult and resourceful in communication with other people

  • accept and appreciate yourself


In an intimate relationship
, we can help you to:

  • find appropriate intimate partner and “fall out of love” with inappropriate ones

  • deal with partnership challenges and resolve conflicts

  • create lasting passion and trust

  • if you consider partnership with somebody, we can help you explore your compatibility and chances for success

  • if needed – we can help you separate peacefully


Beginnen wir mit der Wiederentdeckung!

If you want to arrange coaching sessions with Kosjenka Muk, special education teacher and Integrative Systemic Coaching trainer, or Martyn Carruthers, the founder of Integrative Systemic Coaching, use the contact form in the bottom of this page.

Sessions in English are available by Skype or telephone.

The price is USD 95 per one hour session, or USD 395 for a 5 session package.

We offer individual and couple coaching in private sessions, online and by telephone.

More about Integrative Systemic Coaching method .


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Wir können Ihnen bei der Lösung Ihrer Probleme helfen

Integrative Systemic Coaching can help you in different areas of life in which you feel stuck, experience unpleasant emotions and self-sabotage.

Reducing unpleasant emotional and communication patterns in current relationship, resolving transferences and projections – or creating a new intimate relationship through resolving emotional blocks and creating emotional space for partnership. 

Examples of possible goals: 
– express your needs in a mature way
– feel safe within emotional and physical intimacy
– feel attracted to emotionally healthy instead of immature and/or unavailable people 
– feel worthy of love
– resolve unhealthy bonds and obsessions with a person
– feel independent
– resolve the conflict between need for love and need for freedom
– keep feeling adult and resourceful when partner’s behaviour hurts you

Resolving beliefs that sabotage your initiative and creativity and prevent your success. 

Examples of possible goals:
– feel worthy of success 
– trust your abilities and use them
– resolve guilt and other beliefs related to money 
– feel good about giving and receiving
– resolve fear of success and/or failure
– develop creativity

Integrative Systemic Coaching explores possible emotional causes od physical symptoms. Warning: Integrative Systemic Coaching does not replace professional medical help! 

Examples of possible goals:
– explore and resolve possible emotional background of a physical issue (which is beneficial to other areas of life too) 
– create a relationship of love and trust to your body
– create more physical energy
– resolve emotional causes of physical addictions – smoking, overeating and similar 

Good relationship with your own self is the basis for any type of success and happiness. Some specific problems might be: lack of confidence, fear, guilt, anger, communication issues and similar. Most people are used to their self-image and day-to-day moods and are not aware how much better it could be. 

Examples of possible goals: – love yourself and feel loved from within 
– feel relaxed and comfortable in social situations – express your opinions and feelings in a mature way 
– feel independent of others’ opinions
– feel worthy, calm, fulfilled
– resolve specific immature emotions within a context 
– resolve criticism towards self and/or others
– develop compassion and respect for others
– develop desired qualities and fulfill your potential

Besides individual session, Integrative Systemic Coaching offers help for couples, whether intimate, business or friendly: working together on improving communication within relationship and resolving mutual tranferences and projections. 

Couple coaching focuses on:
– defining and exploring wishes and demands within the relationship, 
– resolving unconscious causes of conflicts
– improving mutual communication and understanding
– creating more love and intimacy.

Relationships are the most important and one of the most complicated areas of human life. There is no better relationship coaching than the one that involves all people included! This type of work can be crucial for the clarity and quality of your relationships.

Werden Sie ein Integrativer Systemischer Coach Trainer

Integrative systemische Coaching-Ausbildung ermöglicht es Ihnen, anderen zu helfen, ihre Beziehungs- und Gefühlsmuster aufzulösen, einschränkende Überzeugungen loszulassen und verlorene Qualitäten und verlorene Identität zu integrieren.

Online-Coaching für Einzelpersonen und Paare

Integratives Systemisches Coaching kann Ihnen in verschiedenen Lebensbereichen helfen, in denen Sie sich festgefahren fühlen, unangenehme Emotionen und Selbstsabotage erleben.


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"Bis du das Unbewusste bewusst machst, wird es dein Leben lenken und du nennst es Schicksal."

- C.G.Jung
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Integratives systemisches Coaching
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Bewerbung als Trainerin oder Trainer

Werden Sie ein Integrativer Systemischer Coach Trainer

Integrative systemische Coaching-Ausbildung befähigt Sie, anderen bei der Lösung ihrer Beziehungs- und Gefühlsmuster zu helfen, einschränkende Überzeugungen loszulassen und verlorene Qualitäten und verlorene Identität zu integrieren.