How To Overcome Social Rejection And Awkwardness

The instinct to belong Human beings have an instinctive need to be accepted by and feel connected to others. We are singularly unequipped to survive by ourselves, and working together as tribes was essential for our very survival as a species. Through most of human history, and occasionally still in the present times, being different […]

Self-esteem And Guilt

  Have you done mistakes in your past you still regret and cannot forgive yourself? Did you harm other people or your own chances? Do you feel chronic low-level guilt without a good reason? Do you sometimes feel you don’t deserve to be happy? Many people sabotage their own happiness because of guilt. Sometimes people, […]

Self-esteem and violence

  In the beginning, I will quote a text of an author I won’t name (because I’m about to criticize them a bit): “People who love themselves, don’t try to hurt others” says Oprah Winfrey, the talk-show queen. She must have never heard of Hitler, Stalin, Mao Tse Tung… mass murderers with very high self-esteem […]

What is Self-esteem?

  In a society that is on a low level of emotional development, in which most people rarely have the chance to experience what it like is to feel truly good about themselves, it is useful to clearly define self-esteem. What I want to talk about is far more complex and larger than self-esteem defined […]

Self-esteem and Love Relationships

  Sometimes people ask me which qualities should one seek in a potential partner. I thought that this question deserved to be answered in more detail so here I present a LONG answer. I will put self-esteem in the first place, since self-esteem influences all other aspects of our lives. However, it is not easy […]