Feeling Not Good Enough: How To Recognize And Heal It In Its Roots

  Signs of an inferiority complex The feeling of inferiority is one of the most fundamental, by far the most common feelings most people carry from their childhood. Many people are not aware they carry it within, because this feeling can manifest itself very subtly and is often masked by other emotions, such as arrogance, […]

10 Key Rules For Communication In A Relationship

  Every relationship has its problems and it is not realistic to think we will always have an understanding, agreement and an idyllic relationship with a partner. A relatively common problem is when one person expects that they shouldn’t have to express their needs clearly, but that the partner, if he or she loved them, […]

How To Overcome Social Rejection And Awkwardness

The instinct to belong Human beings have an instinctive need to be accepted by and feel connected to others. We are singularly unequipped to survive by ourselves, and working together as tribes was essential for our very survival as a species. Through most of human history, and occasionally still in the present times, being different […]

When People Fear Their Own Emotions

  Awareness of and connection with our emotions can bring us many wonderful benefits: inner peace, support and friendship with ourselves, wealth of inner life, self-esteem, resistance to stress, creativity, understanding of ourselves and others, calm and adult behavior and self-expression… But still, many if not most people try to avoid their own emotions like […]

How To Overcome the Fear of Making Mistakes

Mistakes are the best way to learn Mistakes are not only normal but necessary. Not only are they necessary, they are desirable. Why are they desirable? Because they are the best and the fastest way to learn. Can you imagine a person who never makes mistakes? How is it possible for such a person to ever learn anything? They are more […]

What Does Your Subconscious Believe About Love?

    If you ask yourself what did you learn from your parents about love – from each of them separately, as well as from their relationship – you could come to interesting insights. But our conscious answers are just the top of the iceberg, while most of our emotional patterns become obvious (or not) […]

The Best And The Worst In Political Correctness

The good In its essence, the intention of political correctness is compassion and thoughtfulness. Both are very much needed in the world. Waving it off with excuses such as “suck it up” or “my grandfather succeeded in spite of adversity, so you should too”, is at best immature, and at worst deliberately malicious. Many people […]

Self-esteem And Guilt

  Have you done mistakes in your past you still regret and cannot forgive yourself? Did you harm other people or your own chances? Do you feel chronic low-level guilt without a good reason? Do you sometimes feel you don’t deserve to be happy? Many people sabotage their own happiness because of guilt. Sometimes people, […]

How To Teach Children To Use Their Intuition

What is intuition? For clarity, when I talk about intuition I don’t mean some esoteric sixth sense, or being carried away by random mental images or temporary emotions. My definition of intuition is a subtle feeling of knowledge which is the result of subconscious processing of subconsciously perceived data. Yes, there is a lot of […]

How To Live With Integrity

  Your integrity and your relationship with yourself are the only things you can truly own; the only firm point in universe you can have. If you compromise it, you lose trust in yourself and in future it will be more difficult to rely on yourself. That means losing the most important and the only […]

Is Your Burnout the Result of Unconscious Guilt?

  How helpers become helpers From social workers to medical nurses, nobody dedicates their career to helping people without a reason. OK, there are some charlatans who exploit people, like everywhere; there are some people who just hope for a safe job or status, but maybe even then there are some hidden reasons why they […]

Affairs: Who, Why, And How To Move On

The paradox of (in)security Deep closeness and understanding in a good lasting relationship is one of the best experiences in life. On the other side, the idea that we can “own” someone’s emotions, or that we can control life, is unrealistic and absurd. Yet the society often teaches us this is how things are supposed […]