Emotional Incest

While many people criticize their parents’ lack of love, some parents give their children seemingly too much love – but immature and needy rather than mature parental love. Integrative Systemic Coaching recognizes the pattern of emotional incest and its consequences, which we also call the ‘Little Prince’ or ‘Daddy’s Princess’ syndrome. This pattern is not […]

Falling In Love With “Bad Guys” (And Girls)

  A significant number of men encourage each other to believe that women want dominant men who will overpower them and show them their place. It is true that women are somewhat more biologically attracted to confident, even dominant men (although there are plenty of opposite examples, too, and the cultural model of desirable masculinity […]

Patterns in Love Relationships

    Subconscious mind and love Do you enjoy loving your significant other? Seemingly paradoxically, for many people love is a source of pain rather than bliss. There is no other adult relationship in which the depth and strength of our needs, imprints and beliefs from childhood become so obvious and so strong, so persistent […]

Your True Self

Children and mirroring Human beings are capable of wonderful, deep, sophisticated emotions, inspiring and passionate love and joy. However, it is often difficult to stay in touch with these emotions for extended periods of time. Small children experience reflections of themselves and their behavior only through feedback from their families. Emotional feedback from other people […]

Non-verbal and Subtle Communication

  The more we work on noticing details of our communications with others, the more we start to notice how much we usually miss. There are so many messages the person we talk to will send through very small nonverbal signals, the tone of their voice or their choice of words. Especially when people may not […]

Communication, Manipulation and Need for Power

  I have noticed, from time to time, books and workshops that are advertised with bombastic promises such as: ‘take control in all communications’, ‘get people to do things you want them to do’, ‘ develop magnetic attraction’ and so on. Everything we do influences other people, even without our knowing or meaning to. The […]