Most people like tests! Test your emotional maturity with these 35 statements. Answer each statement with YES, NO or MAYBE / SOMETIMES. Answer spontaneously, without analysing too much. Write down or remember your answers and check your points in the next page. Be honest to yourself!

Here we go:

1. My country is hopeless. I wish to emigrate!

2. My country has a special place in history.

3. The situation in my country is the government’s fault.

4. If my intimate relationship is not perfect, it’s not the right one for me.

5. Vegetarianism is stupid.

6. Meat-eating people are aggressive, lack empathy and conscience.

7. My child is (will be / would be) special.

8. The universe will take care of me.

9. I compare my body with other people’s bodies.

10. Poor and homeless people brought themselves into such state.

11. People are often worse than animals.

12. I’m often angry with my parents for what they did to me.

13. My partner left me for another person. I’m angry at both of them. I hope they will experience the same. (Remember or imagine such a situation.)

14. Women should be women, and men should be men.

15. Feminism is outdated.

16. Everybody only cares about themselves, so I have to, too.

17. If people let themselves be manipulated, it’s their own fault.

18. My life would lose meaning without my partner.

19. People who decide not to have children, are selfish and unable to love.

20. It’s important to me to be noticed.

21. It’s important to me to be able to afford luxury and nice things.

22. People should understand how I feel.

23. The world is becoming a worse and worse place.

24. I don’t have the power to change much in the world.

25. My intimate relationship should fulfill my needs.

26. Smart clothes and nice makeup mean you like yourself.

27. Self-esteem means to always tell other people what they should hear.

28. My parents gave me life and they are at the first place in my life. Nobody comes between me and them!

29. I always follow my feelings.

30. If someone truly loves me, (s)he will recognize what I need.

31. It’s not my fault if people are upset or irritated with my behavior.

32. Without religion, people wouldn’t have a moral guide.

33. Introverted and/or serious people are boring. Life should be fun.

34. Logic is superior to emotions.

35. I am the way I am and it’s too late for me to change.

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