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Systemic Coaching, Counseling & Therapy

Our life coaching focuses on increasing individual success. Our relationship coaching focuses on enhancing he pleasure, adaptability and survival potential of human relationships. Our systemic therapy focuses on resolving emotional blocks.
Martyn Carruthers

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Frequently Asked Questions about Systemic Solutions
  1. Does our work differ from advice or consulting?
  2. What do we offer you?
  3. What happens during a session?
  4. Can we help you personally?
  5. Can we help your relationships?
  6. Can we help your career?
  7. Can we help your organization?
  8. How can you get private sessions?
  9. Can you get systemic coach training?
  10. Where did our work come from?
  11. How can you get our training?
  12. What can you do next?
Systemic Coaching, Counseling, Therapy FAQ

Our life coaching is to increase individual happiness and reduce individual suffering. Our relationship counseling is to increase the stability, adaptability and survival potential of human relationships such as families and teams.
We also provide deep emotional changework.

1. Does our work differ from advice or consulting?

Many helping professionals review your past and offer advice about your problems. We can help you explore what you hope for and how to get it. We focus on your goals and on their consequences. Systemic psychology is both preventative and remedial.

We are Stretches – not Shrinks! We can help you manage your present and shape your future. Take control of your happiness, your suffering and your health – all of which reflects your lifestyle decisions and your relationship habits.

We avoid dissociation techniques and we help you recognize and change whatever blocks you from your success, your happiness and your chosen goals.

2. What do we offer you?

We offer reorientation and changework for individuals, partners, teams and families.

  • Clarify your relationships and manage guilt
  • Define your goals and resolve conflicts to them
  • Find integrity and end symptoms of identity loss
  • Dissolve or control mental and relationship diseases
  • Transform your limiting beliefs into tailwind
  • Transform past abuse and trauma into motivation
  • Build lasting inspiration into your sense of life

We can help you reach your goals, while exploring your motivation, your inspiration and the consequences of your decisions. Do you want to learn this for pleasure, to enhance your knowledge, or do you want to add systemic coaching to your credentials?

Our work is not hypnosis, psychoanalysis, new age nor NLP. We do not offer suggestions, advice, energy work nor programming! Instead we can help you sort out your goals, your emotions and your relationships. We can help you access and use elements of your personal genius that you may have lost or forgotten.

3. What happens during a session?

We can arrange meetings with you, either in person, by Skype or by telephone. Most sessions are one hour. Many people achieve significant results in a few sessions.

You can bring one of us to you to help couples, families, teams or people who cannot travel. Or you can come to us. (Some people arrange workshops that we can teach to cover their expenses).

Let’s explore your goals and any hesitations that you may have about them. We can help you use your objections to enrich and define your goals. (Exploring life goals often expose emotional and relationship issues, which we resolve in couple coaching.)

4. Can we help you personally?

Your success is limited by your relationships! If you feel that your relationships could be better, or that your life should be happier, then we can help you. YOU are accountable for your actions. Happiness is reserved for people who choose to live their own lives.

Lasting success requires clear relationships and meaningful goals. Symptoms are tools for measuring life quality. Our systemic work and training are for responsible adults – we coach children with metaphors and stories.

5. Can we help your relationships?

Healthy relationships require requires honesty, candor, humor and responsibility. Your family traditions, your history and your role models limit or inspire your relationship behavior. If you want to find peace and clarity as a family member, as a friend, as a team member, as a partner or as a parent, then we can probably help you.

We do not solve your problems. That’s for social workers. Nor are we authoritative about why you have problems – that’s for psychologists. Nor do we control your emotions with medication – that’s for psychiatrists. Nor do we offer endless philosophy – that’s for gurus. We help you solve what stops you solving your problems.

6. Can we help your career?

Career success requires relationship skills. Regardless of your knowledge and expertise, without good relationship skills you may find yourself alienated by colleagues and passed over for promotion. If your history and / or your attitude limits your professional development, we can probably help you.

Are you motivated to change old beliefs, bonds and trauma? Do you want to learn quality skills and find inspirational mentors? Do you want to help others? Email us.

7. Can we help your organization?

Organizations often succeed despite internal chaos. CEOs, owners, founders and managers often create management structures that reflect their families or origin. Does your corporate culture have similar qualities to a dictatorship or a cult? Stress can destroy corporate and individual health.

If you and your colleagues can achieve more with improved relationship skills, then our coaching can help you use team and leadership skills, while your organization gets improved management skills.

8. How can you get our systemic sessions?

Our graduates include medical doctors, psychologists, lawyers, artists, teachers, wilderness trainers, business people and other professionals from many countries. Or, you can consider working with us as an organizer.

We can explore your needs and your resources. We may offer a free telephone session so that you can explore the first step of our work without expense or risk. Mention your goals and blocks, and we can suggest someone for you.

9. Can you become a Systemic Coach or Therapist?

Are you emotionally mature? Your attitude is more important than your education! Do you finish what you start? Are you determined, committed, and willing to learn? Are you friendly and co-operative? Can you “stay adult” in stressful situations?

We strive to make each class a cross-cultural experience, to enrich all our perceptions with the diversity of shared experiences.

Some successful therapists have have advanced university credentials while others have few academic qualifications. All will have a talent for friendly, supportive, adult communication. If you are more interested in people than in things, you are ready. If you also want to offer an essential community service, you are nearly here.

Transcripts: Recover Lost Resources Dissolve Complex Conflict

10. Where did our work start?

Martyn Carruthers began developing a systemic methodology for change in 1988, integrating his background in emergency management and adult education with accelerated learning, systemic psychology, relationship counseling and expert modeling. Now (2008), Martyn is developing systemic solutions for some of the less common facets of human emotions and relationships.

For more on the origin of Soulwork, see Soulwork Origins

11. How long is systemic coach training?

Most of our training is in 5-day segments (6-days if translation needed). Each segment includes information and demonstrations that can be used with the information from other segments, or as stand-alone specialty workshops. We can provide complete systemic coach and therapist training programs in 40 to 60 days, depending on your goals..

Some of Our Trainings

12. What can you do next?

Contact us if you want to manage emotional issues, resolve relationship problems or enjoy a rewarding career. You can benefit from our years of experience in professional coaching and counseling. Your happiness and your success will reflect your skills.

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