Turn Emotional Pain Into Passion And Inspiration

Once you allow pain to crush and strip away all inner rigidity, self-deceit and societal lies, all excuses and fears, you are left with who you truly are and what is truly important.

In Search of Acceptance

Did you ever feel fully seen and accepted – welcomed – just as you are, here and now? Perhaps you’d agree that it’s a feeling that rivals falling in love in some ways. Yet, not only few people in this world really have a chance to experience this, but few people even recognize it’s what they need […]

How To Sustain Your Inner Warmth

  Human warmth is a fragile thing. Even children who show or ask for emotional warmth are often rejected, ignored or even ridiculed. School, college and business are often brutal environments where people who fight for power are often the loudest and have the most followers, while more sensitive people keep quiet so that they […]

Are You Willing to Face Pain?

  Avoiding experience Did you ever keep quiet out of fear rather than standing up for yourself? Do you avoid trying something new in front of others out of fear to look foolish? Do you even avoid expressing love to your family because you fear emotional “weakness”? Avoiding potential emotional pain can make people shallow in […]

50 Ways To Keep Your New Year Resolutions

  This will be an elephant-sized post, but bear with me – I hope to give you plenty of useful ideas by the end of it. At the start of every year, millions if not billions of people make lists of things they want to change so that their lives would be better, and promise […]

Your True Self

Children and mirroring Human beings are capable of wonderful, deep, sophisticated emotions, inspiring and passionate love and joy. However, it is often difficult to stay in touch with these emotions for extended periods of time. Small children experience reflections of themselves and their behavior only through feedback from their families. Emotional feedback from other people […]

What is Self-esteem?

  In a society that is on a low level of emotional development, in which most people rarely have the chance to experience what it like is to feel truly good about themselves, it is useful to clearly define self-esteem. What I want to talk about is far more complex and larger than self-esteem defined […]

How To Achieve a Lasting Change

  Lack of patience Some people just lack confidence that they can change. They feel that their problems are either too difficult or too deep, or they are disappointed with the approaches they already tried. Even more often, they are inclined to lose motivation if a dramatic change does not occur in a month or […]

Observing Feelings

  At the root of much immature behavior is an urge to avoid unpleasant feelings. Practicing observing our feelings is the foundation of self-improvement – as well as being one of the most natural, simple and actually pleasant exercises of self-awareness. I cannot emphasize enough how important it is. You can practice this at any time, in […]

Intimacy With Your Own Feelings

  Every method of personal development that requires clients’ cooperation and emotional involvement, assumes that the clients will have adequate awareness of their emotions for the work to be successful. It’s unusual to find books or workshops that include a different possibility. In practice, however, this ideal is not always achievable. About 20 percent of […]