How To Teach Children Moral Values Without Annoying Them Too Much

  Most of us want an ethical and happy society around us, so we want our children to be kind and constructive members of the society, too. On the other hand, it seems many parents expect their kids to develop morals spontaneously, without investing too much time into it. It is still rare to see […]

Emotional Incest

While many people criticize their parents’ lack of love, some parents give their children seemingly too much love – but immature and needy rather than mature parental love. Integrative Systemic Coaching recognizes the pattern of emotional incest and its consequences, which we also call the ‘Little Prince’ or ‘Daddy’s Princess’ syndrome. This pattern is not […]

How To Teach Children To Use Their Intuition

What is intuition? For clarity, when I talk about intuition I don’t mean some esoteric sixth sense, or being carried away by random mental images or temporary emotions. My definition of intuition is a subtle feeling of knowledge which is the result of subconscious processing of subconsciously perceived data. Yes, there is a lot of […]

Therapy With Clients From Healthy Families

  While more than 90% of people’s emotional problems seem to originate in childhood (or are at least enhanced by early family), from time to time it’s an interesting experience to work with people who come from healthy, caring and quite mature families. (Some people who claim so might be in denial, of course, but […]

Parenthood, Control and Guilt

  The need to control Some of the tasks of responsible parents are to teach, direct, support and, in some situations, control their children. But if a person gets stuck in this role and applies this attitude to adults around them, they will create stress and conflicts for themselves and others, however good the intentions. […]

Are You Ready To Have a Child?

In pre-history, bearing children was essential for humanity to survive. Nowadays, it appears that survival of humanity (and many other species) depends of how well can we keep our biological impulses in line. That includes urges for power, hoarding, social status, choosing aggressive leaders… and child bearing. Many of Earth’s resources are endangered, not just oil, […]

Children Need Challenges

  What stimulates resourcefulness? In our work, we often notice that people from problematic, chaotic families quite often develop important life resources very early in life: for example intelligence (in order to understand confusing situations and to find a way out of such situations), perseverance, inner strength, ability to cope with difficulties, sensibility, empathy, sense […]

Children and Money – Setting Boundaries

    Children who have not yet become familiar with the way money works (but also those who have) have endless requests and wishes. Just as they wish to see, touch and experience everything they see in their surroundings, objects in shop windows and advertisements lure them as well. Manufacturers and marketing experts dedicate a […]

A Sex Topic

  Do I have your attention?  😉  A society which oppresses women digs its own hole, since women are the ones who primarily raise its children. An unhappy woman with no self-esteem can’t teach her children to be happy and loving. Then the society as a whole cannot be kind, friendly and ethical. All the […]

Healthy Family Relationships

  Although most people understand, or at least feel intuitively what is appropriate and what isn’t in family relationships, in most families there are still quite a lot of unhealthy patterns and a huge load of imposed guilt. Those patterns hinder many people from acting in the way they feel is healthy and appropriate, even […]

The Basic Fissure in a Personality

  In this article I will describe a process that seems to be present to some extent in many families. If you do not recognise yourself in it at all, you probably had very wise parents. In that case, this article can help you to better understand other people’s behaviour. Because of conditional love and […]