What Is Age Regression?

  Generally about the concept of age regression After all these years of writing about and working with emotions from childhood, it may finally be time to clarify some more the term I use in virtually every other article. 🙂 Generally, the term “age regression” is used in several different meanings depending on the context […]

Emotional Incest

While many people criticize their parents’ lack of love, some parents give their children seemingly too much love – but immature and needy rather than mature parental love. Integrative Systemic Coaching recognizes the pattern of emotional incest and its consequences, which we also call the ‘Little Prince’ or ‘Daddy’s Princess’ syndrome. This pattern is not […]

Is Your Burnout the Result of Unconscious Guilt?

  How helpers become helpers From social workers to medical nurses, nobody dedicates their career to helping people without a reason. OK, there are some charlatans who exploit people, like everywhere; there are some people who just hope for a safe job or status, but maybe even then there are some hidden reasons why they […]

When Hope is a “Negative” Emotion

If hope urges us to ignore facts, experience and common sense, it might be childish rather than healthy. Learn how to recognize this and what to do with it.

Working With Abusers and Victims of Abuse

If for whatever reason you are interested to learn about the topic of abuse, I strongly recommend the book “Why Does He Do That?” by Lundy Bancroft. This book is especially useful for dismantling some common myths about what causes abuse and violence – whether physical, emotional or verbal – and for understanding how abusers […]

Emotional Logic

  A quote from a client I was working with recently: “I don’t value myself, so if a girl falls in love with me, I automatically respect her less.” Let that sink in for a moment. Practically a whole novel is contained in this one sentence (as well as some admirable awareness and honesty).   […]

Diet, Stress And Anxiety

  A danger in any therapy practice is if a therapist only focuses on one aspect of the problem – usually the one (s)he is specialized in. While most emotional issues have at least some psychological components that can be addressed through therapy, it’s important to notice other possibilities that should be taken in consideration […]

Internal Issues And External Solutions

  Even when we are well aware that our strong emotions might be awakened memories from childhood, we might still find it very difficult to focus inwards to resolve those emotions. The urge to blame people around us and seek to change or control them can be overpowering. Why is it so difficult to recognize […]

Difficult Decisions

  Many times, resolving immature emotions, internal conflicts, and toxic beliefs can make  difficult decisions much easier. You might recognize, for example, that your partner is not your child, and it’s not your responsibility to make them happy. Or you might resolve toxic emotional bonds which made you fall in love with an incompatible person. […]

Therapy With Clients From Healthy Families

  While more than 90% of people’s emotional problems seem to originate in childhood (or are at least enhanced by early family), from time to time it’s an interesting experience to work with people who come from healthy, caring and quite mature families. (Some people who claim so might be in denial, of course, but […]

Therapy with ex soldiers and war veterans

  “I wasted my youth and my health fighting for imperial ambitions of greedy psychopaths, all the time believing I was protecting my beloved country.” (quote from an ex soldier) War trauma and working with war veterans is not one of my specialties. However, from time to time an ex-soldier finds me and asks for […]

Treatment of Masochism

  Emotional masochism  Many people are bonded to suffering in some way. As children, they might have learned that they would be rewarded or comforted if they suffer, or they might have observed suffering people receiving special care and attention. Many children who grow up in unhealthy emotional environments, learn to associate love with their parents’ painful behavior, […]