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At the root of all immature behavior is a desire to escape from accepting one’s own feelings.

Practicing observing one’s own feelings is the foundation of every work upon the self – as well as being one of the most natural, simple and actually pleasant methods employed in the field of self awareness. I cannot emphasize enough how important it is. You can practice this at every moment of the day, in all circumstances and situations of your own choice – and not only won’t your functioning in the world be disturbed; it will improve.

Observing your feelings carries with it multifaceted and important benefits to your life:

  1. friendship and love toward the self and one’s own feelings – in all parts of self – as a consequence of their own acceptance and recognition, the loss of fear of unpleasant feelings, and the linking of many sub-personalities into a whole;
  2. creation of a strong center of intimacy with your self and trust in oneself; a feeling of inner strength and self worth that can assist in taking risks and makes it easier to surmount the most difficult emotional crises of one’s life;
  3. ability to function in the world through consolidating feelings of integrity, authenticity and centeredness, without the need to act or exaggerate – which in turn is the foundation of creating healthy relationships and positive attitude towards you of other emotionally mature people;
  4. ability to more quickly and clearly recognize and express one’s own, sometimes very subtle, feelings and needs through communicating with other people, even in situations in which the majority of people lose that center within that allows one to govern outer influences;
  5. ability to recognize subtle communication of other people through an increased awareness of every moment within a given circumstance or situation, through observing other people and their reactions toward the details of joint communication;
  6. a deeper presence and awareness within the current moment and learning from each situation;
  7. multifaceted strengthening of intuition due to the ability to observe and put in words even very subtle emotional impulses;
  8. strengthening of creativity for the same reason expressed above;
  9. ability to recognize and follow the physical needs of one’s body (for food, movement, rest, etc.), as well as to recognize the impulse towards specific activities, in order to allow a harmonious and open existence and an increase in productivity. When one listens to the healthy messages of one’s body and feelings, it is impossible to become lazy! My experience is that when I in fact follow this principle I often complete the greatest amount of work in the minimum amount of time, and at the same time I enjoy myself, in contrast to the rational control which makes many jobs seem imposed or burdensome;
  10. facilitated application of any technique of self-improvement through improved introspection and recognition of internal processes, especially systems that explore repressed contents of consciousness and memories;
  11. honesty with yourself which dramatically reduces self-deception, the postponement of and escaping from work in resolving unwanted behavioral patterns;
  12. ability to recognize and find total pleasure within positive and pleasant feelings;
  13. feelings of independence of other people and circumstances; the ability to fulfill our needs instead of feeling dependent on others and transferring to them our own responsibilities;

The results are hence worth the amount of effort and time spent on them! You can start immediately without any foreknowledge or preparations. You do not need a specific space, equipment or setting – all you need is a little willpower to start a long term continuous project – developing yourself.

Coaching with Kosjenka

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